Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2119: Sir demon lord: Fairy please stay (Part 8)

The empress’ method wasn’t the smartest method, it was just whoever attacked first was the strongest.

She spread the fact that the Roaring Flame God went to Ye Xuan Ji around the heavenly palace.  Although there was no conclusive evidence, every immortal knew that the Roaring Flame God had gone to the Myriad Demon Mirror and hadn’t returned for a long time.

This matter spread across the heavens.  Only the Moon Watching God didn’t say a thing, drinking wine by himself.

He naturally knew that this news was fake and he knew that the empress had never liked Luo Qing Chen.

But he…..couldn’t do anything.

To openly oppose the heavens, it couldn’t be done by him alone.

Not to mention that the empress had already took measures against the previous host’s good friend, the Moon Watching God.  He definitely wouldn’t be able to hide anything he did from the empress.

After the previous host returned to the heavenly palace, she found that her magnificent Fire Phoenix Hall had been reduced to ruins.  The heavenly soldiers blocked her way and directly tried to take her down.

In her red robes, she created a blue sword as her eyes turned cold.

That day, the heavenly soldier that had followed her through hell stabbed her.

A generation’s war god, the legend of the heavenly palace had been betrayed by her own people.

With the previous host’s abilities, even if she was exhausted after fighting for several hours, she could still escape.

But the poison of the Bliss Illusion Pill hadn’t dissipated yet.  When hundreds of immortals attacked her at the same time, she couldn’t resist and fell.

Dressed in red and covered in blood, she didn’t let down the name of war god and fought to the final moment.

She thought that she would be sent to the God Executing Altar, accepting the thunder baptism and having her primordial spirits scattered.

But in the darkness, a youth dressed in white slowly came to her.

Seeing her jade like face, there was a sparkle that appeared in his deep eyes, “Master……”

It was at that moment that the previous host completely fell in love with Di Fan Yu.

But she never thought that the person who took her away from the God Executing Tower would be the one who would push her into the abyss.

Physical pain couldn’t compare to the depths of emotional pain.

Not to mention that she didn’t have a heart in the first place, it was Di Fan Yu who gave her that heart.

Di Fan Yu took her away from the God Executing Altar.  He looked at her with those focused eyes and his fingers trembled as he said, “I have begged the express for your life.  However, since you’ve already had an affair with the demon lord, in order to prevent you from going to the demon realm……”

“What do you want to do?”

“Master, I want to abolish your divine power.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, abolish my divine power, I rather scatter my primordial spirit.”

“No!  I won’t let you die!  I will be your amour, I will protect you.”

The previous host saw the tears in Di Fan Yu’s eyes and thought: He should be sincere towards her which is why he could say these words.


In the end, the previous host agreed to Di Fan Yu’s request.  To abolish divine power in this world, one either had to have greater divine power than a person or they had to let go of their primordial spirit to do so.

She watched the red glowing primordial spirit leave her body and a crystalline tear fell.

The world of gods was more boring than the human world.  Year after year, week after week, day after day.

She had never experienced the calamity of seven emotions, including the love calamity.

When she closed her eyes, she said to herself, “Just treat it as a love calamity, I won’t regret it.”

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