Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2120: Sir demon lord: Fairy please stay (Part 9)

There was a heart rending cry of pain before the previous host fainted.

There were bright red dots around her body when she woke up and her face was pale.

She raised her trembling hands and found it was difficult to do so.

The scene of entering the Soul Devouring Tower in the wilderness all those years ago appeared in front of her eyes.

The demons and monsters of each floor were strong and each floor felt like her soul would scatter, but she was never afraid.

But the moment she abolished her divine power, her heart suddenly filled with panic.

She had relied on herself to dominate others, but now she had to rely on others.

Di Fan Yu comforted her as he seriously said, “You still have me, you still have me……”

Actually, when he said those words, it wasn’t sincere.

He desperately kept the previous host’s life not because of love, but to contain the demon lord Ye Xuan Ji.  This was also the reason he gave the empress.

Ye Xuan Ji had just sent the marriage request to the heavenly court just a few days ago and if the heavenly court were to kill the previous host, they would be attacked by the demon realm.

But in the previous host’s world, Di Fan Yu was a good person who gave her warmth when she was at her lowest.

Time passed quickly and the day of the previous host’s duel with Ye Xuan Ji was around the corner.

At this time, the heavens sent out news of the crown prince’s wedding.  The other side was no one else but the Roaring Flame God, Luo Qing Chen.

When Ye Xuan Ji in the Myriad Demon Mirror learned of this news, he just revealed a faint smile and muttered, “It seems like she’s no longer my match.”

“What does the demon lord mean?  The heavens are unreliable. They said that the Flame God would join the demons, but they married her to their crown prince.”

“It doesn’t matter.  There is weakness once there is love and once there is weakness, there’s no chance of victory.”

Only someone who devoted themselves to battle could understand their heart.

The current Luo Qing Chen couldn’t understand herself anymore.

The previous host enjoyed a good life after marrying Di Fan Yu.  Even when he was busy, he would come and talk to her.

He liked to call her master before, but now he called her Qing’er……

Di Fan Yu’s brother grew up and the empress liked him very much, so Di Fan Yu started to worry again.

Just like in the past, he was worried that the crown prince position would fall to his little brother, so he went to find the empress.

He only received these words in return.

“I don’t want to see that Flame God without any divine powers, her life has been kept long enough.  It was for the relationship between the demon world and the heavens that we kept her life.  The demon world should have already forgotten about this matter, so there’s no need to keep her.”

“Mother, please spare her life!”

“Then exchange it for the crown prince position.”

After a long time, Di Fan Yu slowly looked up to say, “I understand.”

For his future throne, he stayed away from the previous host, no longer seeing her every day.

It was two days at first, then it was three days, a month, and then a year……

In that long time, other than isolating the previous host, what Di Fan Yu did the most was get concubines.

Not all his concubines were beauties, but there was one similarity.

The clear eyes, the nose, the lashes, the fondness for wearing red.

The previous host was left lonely at nights, but there was nothing she could do.

Until the jealousy, unwillingness, and hatred of the concubines came to the crown prince palace……

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