Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2122: Sir demon lord: Fairy please stay (Part 11)

That day, with ten thousand bolts of lightning, the generation’s war god’s primordial spirit scattered.

The other shore flower petals danced in the air, falling like drops of rain.

The thirty three heavens that were always bright fell into darkness, a darkness with a tint of a demonic red.

Since the previous host had been disheartened and had a weak will to live, even in ten thousand years, it wasn’t possible for her to repair her primordial spirit.

But after a thousand years, she woke up again.  In a place covered in flowers, the Moon Admiring God stood in front of her.


“It finally succeeded.”  The Moon Admiring God said with a sigh, “It’s really good that you could wake up.”

The Moon Admiring God was the previous host’s only friend in the heavenly palace.  He had always felt guilty about her death.

The other person who felt guilty was the Demon God of the Myriad Demon Mirror, Ye Xuan Ji.

He thought that the matter was over after the Roaring Flame God married the crown prince and didn’t come to the duel, she was not the one he wanted to challenge in the first place.

But when his good friend the Moon Admiring God came to find him, he told him some things that he didn’t know.

Although there were tens of thousands of years between him and the Moon Admiring God, experts could understand each other.

The Moon Admiring God didn’t say much, he brought him to the Mirror of Samsara in the Unbounded Land.

Ye Xuan Ji was filled with guilt when he saw how miserable she, the previous war god, was.

If he didn’t ask for the marriage with the heavenly palace, she wouldn’t have come to this forbidden place.

“How can she be saved?”

“I tried many methods and they all failed.”

“Is there no other way in this world?”

“There is.”

“That’s the reason you came looking for me then.”


“What is it?”

“Half of the power of the Demon God.”

He slightly knitted his brows before replying after a few seconds, “Alright.”

Of course, the previous host didn’t know about this matter.

After the previous host woke up, she became an immortal with the recommendation of the Moon Admiring God, becoming the Other Cliff Flower Fairy.

The Moon Admiring God gave her a new name, Poppy.

The previous host asked the Moon Admiring God many times after waking up how he had recovered her primordial spirit, but the Moon Admiring God never told her.

Until she went to the Unbounded Land alone and used her immortal power to open the Mirror of Samsara, learning the truth.

She was revived because there was half of Ye Xuan Ji’s divine power in her.

However, this was a big danger for Ye Xuan Ji.  He fell into a coma and the demons were helpless.

The heavens were overjoyed and kept invading the demons, pushing them back, causing severe losses for them.

After the previous host learned the truth, she was restless all day, not knowing what to do.

Until she met Di Fan Yu again.  He was already the heavenly emperor, fully releasing his aura.

But after a thousand years, when he saw her again, he was stunned.

“What is your name?”


“You are a flower god?”


He just asked these two questions before turning to leave while shaking his head.

But this scene was seen by Yue Bing Xin standing not far away.  She used every method she could to find Poppy’s identity.

Until she found out that she became a flower immortal after being brought to the heavenly palace by the Moon Admiring God.

She firmly believed that this person was the past Roaring Flame God and she had found her.

On the God Executing Altar, Yue Bing Xin followed closely with eyes filled with hatred.

“I was the one who sent you to death back then, I will never let you come back.”

As soon as her voice fell, she pushed the previous host off the God Executing Altar and the cold story ended there.

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