Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2123: Sir demon lord: Fairy please stay (Part 12)

The story was very long and three hours passed as she closed her eyes to organize all the memories.

She slowly opened her eyes to see a sea of flowers in front of her.  The Moon Admiring God was standing not far away with a flash of worry in his eyes.

Why didn’t she wake up yet?  According to the power of the stars, she should be awake.

The Moon Admiring God was very uneasy.  Using a thousand years and half of the Demon God’s divine power, her primordial soul had been put back together, but why was she not waking up?

“Ke, ke.”  Luo Qing Chen sitting on the flower bed cleared her throat and said, “Moon Admiring.”

She had just finished piecing back her primordial spirit and was on the Other Side Cliff.  The Moon Admiring God would give her a new identity and she hadn’t returned to the heavenly palace yet.

The Moon Admiring God heard this and suddenly turned.  His nervous expression suddenly relaxed as he said with a smile, “You’re finally awake.  You don’t know this, but you’ve slept for a thousand years.”

“I know.”  She softly replied before slowly standing up, “The identity you gave isn’t bad.”

“The Flower God is my origin, I have this identity.”  The Moon Admiring God’s expression changed slightly as he said, “But do you want to keep this face?”

In her memories, the previous host insisted on keeping this face which led to the supporting female lead Yue Bing Xin recognizing her.

Now that this choice fell onto her, she didn’t care if she had this face or not.

But……after accepting the previous host’s memories, she could feel the fire in her heart, that lonely and hurt fire.

“Keep it!  What is there to fear?”  Luo Qing Chen revealed a smile and said with an aura that normal people didn’t have, “Everything that she lost, I will take them back one by one.”

The Moon Admiring God narrowed his eyes as he looked over Luo Qing Chen, feeling that she was a bit unfamiliar.

Although they hadn’t seen each other in a thousand years, this feeling wasn’t the unfamiliarity of not meeting for a long time.

“I’ll take you to the Hundred Flowers Palace tomorrow!”  The Moon Admiring God said, “After all, the Flower God has been asking for a long time.”

“Alright!”  She said with a smile as she already started planning in her heart.

The Moon Admiring God was stunned.  He had never seen her smile before.

Whether it was when she was the Roaring Flame God or when she was Di Fan Yu’s crown princess, she never smiled.


Before the Moon Admiring God could say anything, Luo Qing Chen closed her eyes and said, “Then see you tomorrow.”

“Alright, you rest up first.”

Actually, Luo Qing Chen didn’t think it was good to return at this time.

Because she was only a flower immortal, not to mention that she was a low ranking immortal, so her immortal power must be very weak.

Ye Xuan Ji had given her half his divine power and fell into a coma, so if she wanted to go to the Myriad Demon Mirror, there was a 99% chance she wouldn’t be able to come back.

There were two things she had to do.  One, restore her divine power and two, wake Ye Xuan Ji.

Neither of those things were easy to do right now.

Then to go to the heavenly palace with just the abilities of a small flower immortal naturally wouldn’t make her feel assured.

[Ding, the Exquisite Ring and the Phoenix Dance Sword have been successfully taken out!]

Un!  This was much more reassuring.

Although her immortal skills couldn’t compare to the previous host as the Roaring Flame God, a small immortal like Yue Bing Xin or even a greater immortal wouldn’t be her match.

After all, no matter what world it was, the Exquisite Ring was an ancient divine artifact.

As for Yue Bing Xin, since she had other things to do, the rest would wait until she could take revenge.

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