Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2127: Sir demon lord: Fairy please stay (Part 16)

“Ning’er greets the heavenly emperor, heavenly concubine.”  She gave a standard bow without any ripples in her eyes.

This was what Luo Qing Chen taught her.  No matter how scared she was, she shouldn’t show any panic at all.

The more calm you were, the more difficult it was for others to read your mind.

For a long time, it was silent.  Ning’er’s brows relaxed a bit as she knew that she had halfway succeeded.

“Raise your head.”  Di Fan Yu slowly said as his deep voice had a tone that couldn’t be resisted.

Ning’er heard this and looked up, her eyes as cold as ice.

Yue Bing Xin’s heart was in her throat.  She wanted to say something, but it was stuck in her throat.

Until Di Fan Yu slowly said, “Concubine Yue, you can leave first!”

She gritted her teeth and clenched her fists.  Her nails entered her flesh, creating red marks.

But she knew that she could only leave because there was nothing else in Di Fan Yu’s eyes other than Ning’er.

“Yes, this concubine won’t disturb the heavenly emperor and little sister Ning’er.”  She revealed a smile and left gracefully.  Di Fan Yu suddenly stood up and walked over to Ning’er.

Then without a word, he picked Ning’er up by the waist and entered the inner palace.

She revealed a smile, as well as showing a hint of coldness in her eyes.  She suddenly understood what Luo Qing Chen had told her, only when she was cold enough could she catch Di Fan Yu’s eyes.

In the inner palace, there was a faint fragrance of sandalwood in the air.  Ning’er slowly took off the red gauze around her with a calm look in her eyes.

“If I didn’t know who you were in your past life, I really would have thought that you were her.”  Di Fan Yu’s voice was very excited.  A thousand years, an entire thousand years.

He had gone from the crown prince to the heavenly emperor, but he would dream of the Roaring Flame God of the past from time to time.

Dreaming of her in that red dress, dreaming of her Fire Phoenix Palace, dreaming of her becoming his crown princess……

The memories scattered and they spread across his mind.

But only today did he feel that she was close, as if she was within reach.

“Life comes and goes, that is how it is.”  Ning’er looked up and said what Luo Qing Chen told her to say, “But there is only one Roaring Flame God in this world.”

As soon as her voice fell, Di Fan Yu kissed her without any hesitation, sending a passionate breath through his mouth.

Ning’er couldn’t help trembling, but she tightly closed her eyes and returned his kiss.

Then she heard what Luo Qing Chen had told her.

“The God Soul is a sacred item in the heavens, the heavenly emperor would place it where he sleeps each night to cultivate his divine power.  I will give you a packet of golden incense, it should tell you the location of the God Soul.”

The golden powder cost a thousand points in the system’s store.  As for why she could only ask Ning’er to go and couldn’t go herself, it was because a flower immortal like her wasn’t qualified to go to the Supreme Hall.

She closed her eyes as her clothes were torn away, but she tightly held the bag at her waist.

Until with a flash of gold light, the God Soul appeared in front of her.

Ning’er grabbed the God Soul without hesitation and sprinkled the golden powder at Di Fan Yu before rushing out of the Supreme Hall.

She tightly held the red glowing God Soul and gritted her teeth as she ran to the place where she had arranged to meet Luo Qing Chen.

Without knowing why, her heart was extremely calm at this moment.  So what about life and death?

She could live, she could die, but she no longer wanted to live like an ant.

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