Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2128: Sir demon lord: Fairy please stay (Part 17)

At the same time, in the heaven’s death row.

Luo Qing Chen used an anesthesia made from a hundred flowers to smoothly enter the death row.

Xiao Lang was in the innermost cell.  He had a white robe and his clothes were messy, but his eyes were very clean.

“You are?”

“Don’t ask.  Ning’er is waiting for you.”

Luo Qing Chen knew that she didn’t have much time.  The golden powder that the system gave her was only a space and time freeze in a very small space.

Moreover, it only lasted a very short time.

“Big sister Poppy……”

On the God Executing Altar, the thunder was fierce and the winds were wild.

Ning’er put the God Soul in her hand before throwing herself into Xiao Lang’s embrace.

Dressed in white standing on the God Executing Altar, the Exquisite Ring on her right hand glittered with a golden glow, she tightly held her Phoenix Dance Swords, and her eyes were serious.

“I can’t guarantee your life and death, but I can’t guarantee that you won’t die if I don’t die.”

Her words were calm, but she seemed that domineering on the God Executing Altar.

Even if she wasn’t wearing a red dress, even if she didn’t have the Flame God’s divine power, her cold eyes could still freeze everyone around her.

“You and the mortals stole the God Soul, do you think that the heavenly palace is a place you can enter as you wish?”  A majestic voice rang in the sky, which came from Di Fan Yu.

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes as a sharp glow appeared and slowly brandished the Phoenix Dance Sword.

Then countless heavenly soldiers appeared around her, filling the air with killing intent.

Di Fan Yu and Yue Bing Xin appeared in front of the heavenly soldiers.  Yue Bing Xin was wearing a red dress tonight and her makeup was very similar to hers in the past.

But substitutes were always only substitutes, they could only live in the shadow of others.

“I said that Ning’er only dressed up to see the emperor to steal the God Soul!”  Yue Bing Xin’s eyes were filled with smiles.  She looked at them with a proud look like she was a winner.

Di Fan Yu narrowed his eyes as a cold look appeared in them, even releasing killing intent.  If it wasn’t for the thirty three heavens, if it wasn’t for the fact that he was the heavenly emperor, he really would have made the three people in front of him disappear from this world.

Other than her, no one had ever humiliated him like this.

Using a strange technique to steal the God Soul.

“So what if we steal the God Soul?”  Luo Qing Chen slowly raised the God Soul and held it over the God Executing Altar.  There was a slight heaviness in her eyes as she stated in a matter of fact voice, “Can you take it back?”

“You……What do you want to do?”  Yue Bing Xin’s face turned pale.  The God Soul was a divine item and if it fell into the God Executing Altar, it would turn to ashes.

“Don’t you know in your heart what I want to do?  I’m afraid that a lowly immortal like you can’t do anything to me.”

“Your voice……”  Di Fan Yu’s heart trembled.  Why did the white robed girl seem so familiar, like he had heard this voice almost every day before.

“Heavenly emperor, there’s no need to fear this trivial flower immortal!”  Yue Bing Xin gritted her teeth and took a sword from a heavenly soldier, “I’ll take care of her.”

Since the other side was this wild, she would take the chance to teach her a lesson.

There hadn’t been blood in the heavenly palace in a while.  She knew who was in Di Fan Yu’s heart, so she would become her!

She was the one in red now and she should take care of the one who stole the God Soul.  He should treat her differently after that……

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