Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2140: Sir demon lord: Fairy please stay (Part 29)

Why?  Why?  She had eaten the forbidden pill of the heavenly court just to personally kill her.

But why did it not work even after she did all this!

“So it turned out that the so-called gods can eat this kind of forbidden pill!”  She revealed a smile as her eyes filled with ridicule.

Actually, she had been injured and the injury wasn’t light.

When ten thousand heavenly soldiers attacked her with their immortal power, even if she blocked with the Exquisite Ring, she couldn’t block it.

There was also a Yue Bing Xin who ate the Divine Power Pill!

“You shut up!”  Yue Bing Xin roared out as she looked at her with bloodshot eyes, “You are a lowly little immortal, how can you compare to me!  I am the heavenly consort and you are a sinner, one that anyone can beat!”

“You should know better than anyone who I am, right?”  Luo Qing Chen crossed her arms.  Even if she was hurt, her expression was calm, not letting anyone see anything different.

These strong words were all said to pierce Yue Bing Xin’s heart.

In the previous host’s world, she had recognized her with a single look.  Now that she’s taken all these looks, she should be clear on who she was.

But she wasn’t willing to admit it.  The only thing she could do was try to kill her, kill her while sparing no expense.

She wasn’t a substitute, she wasn’t a substitute.

“I want you to die!”  There were ten dark red pills that appeared in her right hand and she swallowed them without another word.

There was a dark red glow in her eyes, like a monster that came out of the Myriad Demon Mirror.  She glared right at her as she attacked her again.

Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows.  She wanted to dodge, but she didn’t have the power.  The immortal power she inherited from the previous host was just too low and she had consumed most of it in the fight before, as well as being injured.

Yue Bing Xin’s attack wasn’t fast in her eyes, but she couldn’t dodge it.

“Damn!”  The sword pierced her arm and red blood fell drop by drop.

“Concubine Yue, show mercy.”  Taishang Jun shouted, “The heavenly emperor has ordered us to show mercy……”

“The heavenly emperor has given his orders.”  Her dark red lips revealed a grin, “Kill without hesitation.’

Finally, she had finally stabbed her.  What a pleasant feeling this was.

The fact that she hated was about to be destroyed by her hands.  The only face that this emperor would love would be hers, Yue Bing Xin’s.

She wasn’t a substitute, she would never be a substitute!

Luo Qing Chen heard this and could see what she was thinking from her eyes.  She revealed a faint cold smile as she said, “Substitute, you have to have the skills if you want to kill me!”

Luo Qing Chen pulled the sword out with her hand.  The gold light of the Exquisite Ring gathered and formed a protective barrier around her.

“He, he, he, he, he!”  There was a laugh that went into the sky as Yue Bing Xin couldn’t control her emotions anymore.

Because Luo Qing Chen’s final words were equal to admitting who she was.

In an instant, a bright moon appeared in the dark sky as the Soul Devouring Tower appeared in the center of the wilderness.

In the silent area, there were many people who charged for the entrance of the Soul Devouring Tower.

Luo Qing Chen jumped out, dodging Yue Bing Xin’s fatal attack to enter the tower.

She slowly turned and looked at her with endless coldness in her eyes, “You will never have a chance to kill me in this life, so you are only worth living in my shadows.”

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