Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2142: Sir demon lord: Fairy please stay (Part 31)

It really could eat!

[Don't panic fighting this monster, alright, host?]

Do you think that this is an online game world!  Do you think that you can just heal up with a potion?

If I take a single wrong step, don’t you know that I’ll be back in the Chaos Space with you!


“Come!  My delicious meal!”

The large spider seemed like it couldn’t hold on anymore as its saliva dripped all over.  Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows before the Exquisite Ring released a golden light above her.

Then she jumped out and attacked the spider’s head.

It seemed like it saw through Luo Qing Chen’s attack as with a flip, countless white threads flew out of its mouth to trap her.

“Not bad!  You can actually see through my attack.”  The demonic voice was full of ridicule as it said with a laugh, “It’s a pity that you’re too weak.”

Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows as the faint flower mark appeared on her forehead.  She then revealed a smile and said, “Do you know what spiders fear the most?”

As soon as her voice fell, she waved her right hand and the Phoenix Dance Sword released a fiery red glow, cutting through the spider silk and spreading flames all around.

“Ah!”  The spider cried out as if wanted to put out the fire spreading over its body in a panic.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t give it that chance as she flew out, slashing down at its head with the Phoenix Dance Sword covered in flames.

With a ‘peng’ sound, the giant spider’s essence exploded as a rancid smell filled the air.

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes.  She put the Phoenix Dance Sword back into the scabbard and picked up the spider’s essence off the ground before walking forward towards the faint red glow.

When the spider essence touched the red glow, with a ‘kacha’ sound, there was an arc shaped staircase that appeared.

It seemed like this was the path to the second floor.

She headed all the way up.  The staircase was clean, not having a single bone on it, just a bit of dust.

It seemed that those that could walk up these stairs were all first class masters.  This was a paradise that linked darkness and death.

When she reached the second floor of the Soul Devouring Tower, she was greeted by a bloody smell.

It was dark all around her and there were only a few faint red glows that could be seen.

It seemed like she was the first among the eighteen people to reach the second floor.

“Peng!”  There was a large sound that came from not far away.

She was surprised.  This sound was very loud and it seemed close, but also far away at the same time.

This……what was this sound?

[Someone died.]  The system’s voice was very cold as it slowly entered her ears.

Who, who died?  Isn’t this a bit too fast!

[The host should have an idea of who this person is.]

The system didn’t say who it was, but Luo Qing Chen understood what it meant.

The person who she had said ‘wait and see’ to had already died……

It seemed like in the once in a thousand year Soul Devouring Tower, there was more death than miracles.

Not everyone could become a god and everyone was closer to death.

You could say goodbye to a thousand years of cultivation in the next second.

Facts proved that it was like this.

There were only five out of eighteen people that reached the second floor.  Twelve of them had died on the first floor and one person had escaped the Soul Devouring Tower with a secret technique.

Every single one of these five were surprised to see Luo Qing Chen because in the beginning, they had thought that she was just here to die.

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