Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2148: Sir demon lord: Fairy please stay (Part 37)

Luo Qing Chen heard this and refuted with red eyes, “Please call me Lord Flower God!”

She had already ascended to become a god, she didn’t fear the people of the heavenly court at all.

The heavenly court should already know about her becoming a god.


Thirty three heavens, in the Supreme Hall.

All the immortals had their heads down, not daring to say a thing.

Di Fan Yu’s face was already black and blue.  There wasn’t a need to mention the heavenly court’s forces being sent back after surrounding the demons, the flower immortal that stole the God Soul had become a god.

It was impossible for the heavenly court to do anything to her.

“We believe that since the flower immortal was once part of the heavenly court, it isn’t a bad thing that she ascended to become a god.  Maybe we can put aside the matter of the God Soul……”

Before the Thunder Monarch could finish, Yue Bing Xin sitting on the side cut him off.

“Put aside?  Why?”  Since taking the Divine Power Pill, Yue Bing Xin gave people the feeling of not human not ghost.

Although Di Fan Yu had pardoned her since they were married for a thousand years, she was forbidden from the Supreme Hall.

But she still came……

“Heavenly concubine Yue.”  The immortals were all stunned, but they still cupped their hands to her.

“You are afraid of her, but I’m not!”  Yue Bing Xin tightly clenched her fists and said with red eyes, “Could it be that you’re planning on letting the person who stole the God Soul to give to the Demon God become a god of the heavenly court?”

No!  Definitely not!

“Bing Xin, stop causing trouble!”  Di Fan Yu narrowed his eyes as a displeased look appeared in his domineering eyes.

Since the appearance of Poppy who was similar to the Roaring Flame God that had her primordial spirit dissolved a thousand years ago, Yue Xing Xin’s gentle temperament had changed.

He couldn’t understand anything she did and was even a bit disgusted by her.

“Heavenly emperor, as the person with the greatest authority in the heavens, how can you let someone who stole the God Soul into the heavenly palace!”  Yue Xing Xin was clearly agitated by her anger that even her words had a trace of condemnation to them.

Di Fan Yu heard this and his face became even more distorted.  He tightly knitted his brows as he looked at Yue Bing Xin with a serious look, “Then as concubine Yue who ate the forbidden pills, should I punish you!”

His voice was ice cold and penetrated her heart bit by bit.

Yue Xing Xin took a step back and said, “I……It was for the sake of the heavens, to kill the demons of the Myriad Demon Mirror!  How could the heavenly emperor treat me like this!”

“Humph!”  Di Fan Yu gave a cold snort, “If I didn’t know that you were concubine Yue, I would have thought that the southern gates had been invaded by the demons.”

As soon as his voice fell, Di Fan Yu suddenly stood up and flicked his sleeve as he walked off.

“Sending off the heavenly emperor!”

Di Fan Yu never would have thought that his attitude towards Yue Bing Xin today had completely hurt her heart.

Perhaps it was because of this that all those unexpected things happened later.

From that day forth, Yue Bing Xin locked herself in her palace and didn’t take a step out.

She didn’t go see Di Fan Yu and Di Fan Yu didn’t go see her.

The couple of two thousand years had drifted apart because of a fight.

Perhaps she was only a substitute in Di Fan Yu’s mind and now that the real time had appeared, there was no need for her as the substitute.

For Yue Bing Xin, the hatred in her heart was already overflowing.

She hated Luo Qing Chen, it was because of her appearance that she could only live in her shadow forever.

It was like this a thousand years ago and it was like this a thousand years after.  She wasn’t willing……

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