Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2150: Sir demon lord: Fairy please stay (Part 39)

The fruit of the Myriad Demon Mirror was different from other places.  Each fruit from the trees were large and red and the fruit wine brewed from it was very sweet.

Luo Qing Chen liked to drink and since the wine wasn’t bad, she drank a few more cups.

But Ye Xuan Ji wasn’t willing to give her more as he seriously said, “Why is a girl drinking this much wine?”

Damn!  Didn’t you bring me the first cup?

Luo Qing Chen felt her days in the Myriad Demon Mirror were very relaxed.  Other than some strange heart palpitations, there was nothing else bothering her.

It was most likely that even as a god, she couldn’t fully recover from the heavy injuries from before and hadn’t recovered completely.

As for the ones who hurt her, she would take revenge one by one.

In November, the first snow fell in the Myriad Demon Mirror.  Ye Xuan Ji had been away for a few days, so Luo Qing Chen was able to enjoy herself with the fruit wine he had hidden away for many years.

The longer the wine was kept, the stronger the taste.

The little demons of the Myriad Demon Mirror were all good to her.  Not only did they greet her informally when meeting her, they even brought her many delicacies of the Myriad Demon Mirror.

When Ye Xuan Ji wasn’t there, Xuan Ming who handled all the matters in the Myriad Demon Mirror was very kind to her.  He was always asking questions, so he was most likely a modest person.

It wasn’t that she was prejudiced, she just felt that the Myriad Demon Mirror was better than the heavenly palace by more than a hundred times.

Ye Xuan Ji dealt with his matters quickly and came back after seven days.

Luo Qing Chen thought that he would take her to kill their way into the heavenly palace, but she never thought that he would bring her to the mortal world for fun.

“Did you go to the mortal world in the last seven days?”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and said, “Did you fall in love with some girl?”

She had meant it as a joke, but she never thought that Ye Xuan Ji would pull her into his embrace without another word.

He didn’t say a thing as he tightly held her, feeling the silence and beauty of this moment.

“What……What is it?”  She was surprised, feeling that Ye Xuan Ji had become weird after coming back.

She couldn’t tell what part was strange and she couldn’t guess if Ye Xuan Ji didn’t say anything.

“It’s nothing, I just wanted to hug you.  I wanted to see if hugging a god was different compared to a normal girl.”  He gently let her go with a faint smile and a reluctant look in his eyes.

“It turned out that you were hugging girls in the mortal world, it’s no wonder you wanted to take me to the mortal world after coming back!  It turned out that it was like this!”

Without knowing why, she felt a bit sad hearing Ye Xuan Ji say this.

Whether it was a joke or not, she wasn’t happy.

“Qing Chen……”  He saw her angry look and his face became serious as he looked at her to say, “Actually, I am not familiar with the Roaring Flame God, but I feel that you’re not like her.”

Perhaps it was because the personality would change after the primordial spirit was gathered again or because too long had passed, it felt like she had changed.

But he could tell that what he respected was the her from a thousand years ago and what he cared about was the her from a thousand years later.

“Not like her?”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes before saying with a smile, “Perhaps I never was.”

The previous host’s personality was very strange.  She was cold and proud, she didn’t say much even when she loved a person.

She calmly accepted the person that loved her and she pretended to be indifferent when that person didn’t.

She couldn’t do the same.

“Of course not!”  Ye Xuan Ji’s eyes revealed a sparkle as he said with a smile, “She wouldn’t be this jealous!”


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