Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2151: Sir demon lord: Fairy please stay (Part 40)

She didn’t like to be jealous.  Ye Xuan Ji told her that it would be the Qixi Festival in the mortal world in two days and it would be very lively, so he asked if she wanted to go along with him.

Of course she wanted to go since there would be food and drink, as well as a chance to visit Ning’er and Xiao Lang.  She heard that the Moon Watching God had prepared a small wooden house for them by the Flower Sea ten miles away from the city.

She heard that there were magnolias by the door and Ning’er even planted some vegetables.  She also heard that Xiao Lang was good at fishing and since they lived near the ocean, he would often catch fresh fish for Ning’er to make fish soup with.

The Moon Watching God was that Moon Watching God from before, he didn’t go against his heart just to keep the status quo.

But she was still worried.  What kind of punishment would he receive for helping her steal the God Soul and hiding them?

Thinking about it, since he was an upper god, even if Di Fan Yu wanted to do something, with how weak the heavenly court was now, he shouldn’t really dare do anything to the Moon Watching God.

The road from the Myriad Demon Mirror was a gray blue staircase.  There was faint blue smoke all around and the closer to the mortal world one came, the louder it would become.

“Large pancakes, delicious large pancakes……”

“High grade makeup, do you need any?”

“This is a new batch of silk, it’s all first class goods.  Miss, how about you get one?  This emerald green colour suits you!”


There were shouts that came from all around her and she felt that the mortal world was much more comforting.

There’s no releasing spiritual energy with a wave of the hand, nothing mattered no matter what you did.

This kind of life didn’t seem to have any meaning.

“Ha, ha, so lively!”  Luo Qing Chen gave a chuckle as a sparkle appeared in her eyes.

Ye Xuan Ji standing beside her had his beautiful eyes on her the entire time as he said with a smile, “I knew that you would like it.”

“It really is worthy of being the day of the cow herder and the weaver girl, there are loving young married couples all over.”

“You’re wrong about that.”  Ye Xuan Ji looked up with his clear eyes and shook his head, “They might not be married couples!”

Luo Qing Chen gave a snort, “If they’re not couples, would they be brother and sister?”

She suddenly thought of a phrase that was said in a previous world: Wishing all lovers are brothers and sisters who had been separated for many years……

“Like you and me.”  Ye Xuan Ji narrowed his eyes and revealed a smile that was hard to hide, “Or in Qing Chen’s mind, are we……”

“Brother and sister!”  Before Ye Xuan Ji finished, Luo Qing Chen decisively cut him off without any hesitation.  She acted prideful as she said, “I already said that based on seniority, you should call me big sister.”

“I won’t.”  Ye Xuan Ji took her hand without another word, “No matter what happened in the past or what happens in the future, at least today we are going to spend this day for couples together.”

His eyes were very sincere.  There was a faint sparkle in his starry eyes, as if he could see her figure in his eyes.

It felt like the relationship between them wasn’t that close, but they were doing brave things for the other side.

Giving divine power, stealing the God Soul……

After experiencing all these dangerous things, now he was holding her hand in this crowded market with a faint smile on his face, telling her that this was a holiday for them.

This feeling really wasn’t bad……

“Alright!”  She revealed a smile.  Her right hand touched her slightly red ear as she said, “Then little brother Xuan Ji, I want to eat some candied hawthorns.”

“Call me big brother!”  He gently tapped her head before saying, “I’ll buy you two sticks.”

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