Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2153: Sir demon lord: Fairy please stay (Part 42)

The war god was very grateful towards the little fox after waking up.  He decided to bring her to the heavenly court, but the little fox refused.

Demons and gods were destined to be at odds.  Even if the little fox was kind, she wasn’t a fool.

But the little fox never thought that the two would fall in love while recovering from their injuries.

The war god promised that he would come to find her after reporting back to the heavenly court and the little fox gave a serious nod.

“You don’t need to go anywhere, just stay here.  Wait for me to come back……”

“Alright, I’ll wait for you.  You must come back, I will always wait for you……”

One year, two years, three years……

Ten years, twenty years, thirty years……

Since he left that day, the war god never came back to the bamboo forest.  The strange thing was that every flower in the bamboo forest that hadn’t bloomed for ten thousand years had suddenly bloomed.

Each spring, flower petals filled the air, scattering around, looking incredibly beautiful.

The little fox didn’t know why the war god never came back, but she obediently waited and waited.

Until one day she heard a little sparrow tell her that the heavenly court was holding a grand wedding between the war god and the heavenly emperor’s daughter.

The little fox left the bamboo forest without a word, but the strange thing was that it was like there was a barrier around the bamboo forest and it couldn’t leave no matter how it tried.

In the end, the little fox cut off her own tail and turned it into a weapon, creating a hole in the barrier.

She scattered all her cultivation to reach the heavenly court to see the war god and the heavenly emperor’s daughter.

The war god was still the war god from before, with a face that hadn’t changed after all those years.  The daughter of the heavenly emperor had a nation collapsing beauty.  The two of them were a special match.

The little fox cried.  She didn’t know why, but it was like the promise from before never existed.

Later, she thought that she would have her body shattered from being thrown out of the heavenly palace by the heavenly soldiers, but she never thought that she would be firmly caught when she landed in the bamboo forest.

Since then, the little fox was always unhappy and she never left the bamboo forest.

She devoted herself to cultivating, not caring about the world.  Other than accumulating hatred in her heart, she didn’t have any other emotions.

Another year, another ten years, another hundred years, another three hundred years……

The vitality of the bamboo forest became weaker as time passed and soon the trees returned to how they were before, not blooming with a single flower.

In the end, in the three hundredth year, she became an immortal and arrived in the ninety nine heavens.

When she saw the war god again, the war god knitted his brows as he said, “This immortal, have we met before?”

“It turns out the memory of a heartless man isn’t that good?”

“Heartless man, why does this immortal call me that?”

“Do you still remember the little fox from the bamboo forest three hundred years ago?”

The war god’s expression changed as it filled with shock.  The little fox gave a laugh of ridicule after seeing his shock, “It turns out the war god has remembered.”

“So it’s you.”  The war god helplessly shook his head, “I’ve never been to the bamboo first.  The one who went to the bamboo forest three hundred years ago was my twin older brother, not me.”

When the little fox heard this, she was frozen in place.  She never thought that there would be two identical war gods.

And she finally learned the truth of the past from the war god’s little brother, as well as why the bamboo forest was so strange.

Three hundred years ago, the war god asked the heavenly emperor and the empress to take the little fox as a wife after returning to the heavenly palace.  The heavenly emperor and empress agreed on the surface, but they already sent someone to kill the little fox.

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