Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2155: Sir demon lord: Fairy please stay (Part 44)

“No matter what, we should first go to the Sea of Stars and Flowers first.”  Ye Xuan Ji took her hand and said, “Don’t be afraid right now, perhaps the light of a god falling has another meaning.”

Luo Qing Chen knew that Ye Xuan Ji was just comforting her, but this was the light of a god falling!

There were only four gods in the world right now, Di Fan Yu, the Moon Watching God, Ye Xuan Ji, and her.

It was impossible for this light to be Di Fan Yu and she was with Ye Xuan Ji, so the only possibility was……


Sea of Stars and Flowers, this was called the most beautiful place between heaven and earth.  It was where hundred flowers bloomed and birds sang, a truly beautiful place.

But tonight, it was dark without any light and any sound, like it had fallen into a deathly silence.

“Moon Watching God……”  She ran to the wooden building and with a wave of her right hand, the Exquisite Ring lit up half of the Flower Sea.

She closed her eyes as sweat dripped down her forehead.  No matter how she used her divine power to sense it, she couldn’t find the aura of the Moon Watching God at all.

“Qing Chen……”

“Don’t talk!”

“Qing Chen……”

“Can you not……”

Before she could finish, Ye Xuan Ji covered her eyes filled with tears.  His cold voice came from behind her as he said in a deep voice, “The Moon Watching God wouldn’t want to see you like this.”

“It was me who harmed him.”  Luo Qing Chen bit her lip and said, “I should have thought of it, how could someone like Di Fan Yu let him go!”

Back then, he had treated the previous host so cruelly.  Now he still had a bit of affection for the previous host, which was why he could be this decisive.

The Moon Watching God was only an upper god and he was the heavenly emperor.  If he wanted to kill him, it wasn’t that difficult.

“I think we should go somewhere first.”  Ye Xuan Ji knitted his brows with a dark glow in his eyes.

Luo Qing Chen’s expression changed as she said, “Damn, Ning’er!”

When they came to the small cabin, the yard was in a mess with broken pieces all over and the blood on them had already dried.

“If it wasn’t an upper immortal or a god, there’s no way to use a spell to…..split a person into pieces.”  Ye Xuan Ji’s extremely cold voice slowly rang out in the silent cabin.

Luo Qing Chen bent down and picked up a jade pendant from the ground.

The first time she saw Ning’er, she had this jade pendant on her.  With that gentle face, she couldn’t help meddling in her business.

But facts proved that she had unknowingly harmed her……

“Qing Chen……”

“Un.”  She replied with a voice that was as calm as water, without a single ripple in it.

“What do you want to do?”  Ye Xuan Ji’s eyes had a bit of pain in them as he slowly said, “I will always be by your side.”

He wasn’t willing to see her like this, but he didn’t have a choice.  He could only silently stay by her side and accompany her in doing all the things she wanted to do.

“Want to do?”  Luo Qing Chen closed her eyes as her clear eyes turned bloodshot.  She said in a cold voice,” If I don’t destroy the heavenly court, my name is not Luo Qing Chen.”

She could have found Yue Bing Xin and Di Fan Yu alone to settle the matter of the previous host a thousand years ago, not involving anyone else.

But now……since those gods are so decisive, then don’t blame her for being ruthless……

The Moon Watching God’s life, Ning’er’s life, Xiao Lang’s life, she wanted the heavenly court to be…..buried with them!

Ye Xuan Ji narrowed his eyes as he looked at her back that was so cold.  His eyes that were as deep as ink had turned even darker.

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