Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2156: Sir demon lord: Fairy please stay (Part 45)

The skies of heaven and earth changed as dark clouds filled the white and blue sky.  There were bursts of cold wind that also created loud and heavy sounds.

The atmosphere of the heavenly court had become even more dim.  Di Fan Yu naturally knew that the Moon Watching God was dead and Poppy wouldn’t let the heavenly court off.

Or it was more accurate to call her, Luo Qing Chen.

“Heavenly emperor, we should explain that the heavenly court always valued upper gods, so why would we kill the Moon Watching God.”

“I feel that the Pagoda Immortal is right.  Now that the Other Side Flower God has already become a god, she is a member of our heavenly court and should know how we treat gods.”

“Right, right……”

Di Fan Yu sitting up high had a cold glow in his eyes before laughing at himself, “She won’t believe that the ‘heavenly court values upper gods’.”

“This……What should we do……”  The immortals all started to panic.  After all, the heavenly court was weak right now and if the demons were to attack, it wouldn’t be easy to guard against them!

“What is there to fear!”  A heavenly general on the side said, “The demons couldn’t enter the heavenly palace a thousand years ago and they lost in the end!  Now that a thousand years have passed, evil will not win!  This subordinate requests to enter the battle!”

“Ai!”  The Life Monarch gave a sigh, “But the Roaring Flame God that defeated the demons a thousand years ago belonged to our heavenly court, but now…..she’s on the other side.”

As the person in charge of the book of life for the three realms, although it took him a while, he learned that the Other Side Flower God was the Roaring Flame God from a thousand years ago.

A thousand years ago, the heavenly court hadn’t held back against her.

A thousand years later, she would come back with full hatred and it would be a bloody battle.

Three hours later, the heavenly court had prepared for battle.  All the gods had been recalled to the thirty three heavens, whether they were in the mortal world or if they were traveling.

Actually, if you looked at military power, the heavenly court wouldn’t lose to the Myriad Demon Mirror.

With three hundred thousand heavenly soldiers and thousands of generals, the heavenly court could crush the Myriad Demon Mirror which only had a hundred thousand demons.

But the Myriad Demon Mirror had the two most terrifying people in the world, the demon lord Ye Xuan Ji and the Other Side Flower God Luo Qing Chen.

Di Fan Yu had an inexplicable feeling in his heart.  He wasn’t willing to fight, but he wanted to see her.

At the God Executing Altar, she had been in that blood soaked white dress catching his weapon in her hands.  The hot blood splashed on her face, but her expression didn’t change at all.

It was neither pain or hatred……

Those determined eyes seemed to be telling him that she was back!

Everything had started here and it would end here!


At the same time, in the Sea of Stars and Flowers.

Luo Qing Chen was wearing a flower embroidered white dress with her hair combed in a bun with a white flower on it.

An empty silver tomb, this was the tomb that was built when the Moon Watching God was still alive.  An empty tombstone that was covered in flowers on both sides.

“He will be at ease here.”  Ye Xuan Ji slowly came forward to silently stand by her side, feeling the sadness in her heart.

She took a deep breath before pursing her lips to say, “I just feel sorry for him, maybe being a god that didn’t care about worldly matters was good.”

At least, he didn’t get involved in the disputes of others and wouldn’t have…..died.

“Relax!  The people who have harmed him will pay with their lives!”  Ye Xuan Ji’s voice was very cold as every word was filled with killing intent.

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