Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2163: Sir demon lord: Fairy please stay (Part 52)

Sea of Star and Flower

The place that the Moon Admiring God had lived for thousands of years, the place where he had been buried.

Standing in front of the grave, she knitted her brows.  Waving her right hand, the door to the grave opened.

She felt the aura of the Moon Admiring God here.  It wasn’t a living being, but it came from the Moon Admiring God.

Since the Moon Admiring God’s primordial spirit had scattered to heaven and earth, he wouldn’t leave a corpse like the mortals for others to mourn.

As a god, it was more lonely.  Death meant forever disappearing from this world.

She was lucky.  With the help of the Moon Admiring God and half of Ye Xuan Ji’s divine power, she had repaired her primordial spirit in a thousand years.

But the Moon Admiring God……

She knew that it was impossible for him to come back.

“Si!”  When she was deep in thought, a golden light flashed in front of her.

The aura of the Moon Admiring God became stronger.  Then there was a water mirror that appeared in front of her with the Moon Admiring God’s appearance.

“Don’t be afraid!  The decision you made is correct, don’t let the three realms perish……”

“Xiu!”  With a flash of black mist in front of her, the water mirror disappeared along with the Moon Admiring God……

Without turning around, she knew who was standing behind her.

It came quite quickly……

“Qing Chen, there are some things that you can ignore……”  His voice was very, very deep with countless complicated emotions that were hard to understand.

Luo Qing Chen took a deep breath and slowly turned around, looking at him with a pair of beautiful and serious eyes, “If you said that it wasn’t you, I would believe you.”

“It was me.”  He didn’t deny it as he said this with a calm look in his eyes.

There was no repentance, no apology, or even any regret.

It was because everything he did was necessary, or rather he had planned on uniting the three realms for a long time now.

He just followed the plan and executed it step by step.

“Why?”  Luo Qing Chen took a deep breath as she tightly clenched her right fist.  Then she slowly said, “Even if…..Even if you unite the three realms, why did you have to kill the Moon Admiring God?”

“Because I needed your help.”  Ye Xuan Ji calmly looked at her as he gave this answer.

“I’ll help you even if you didn’t kill the Moon Admiring God!”  Luo Qing Chen pulled out the Phoenix Dance Sword to point at him, “But you didn’t even let Ning’er and Xiao Lang go.”

“Only endless hatred can give a person strength.”  Ye Xuan Ji looked up at her, “Without you, I couldn’t have conquered the southern gate.”

“Don’t speak.”  She roared out as the tomb violently shook.

The snowflakes drifted in from the entrance and fell on her hair, her shoulder, her sword……

But this time, Ye Xuan Ji didn’t come forward with a gentle look to help her brush off the snowflakes.

He just stared at her in a daze, as if he was using all his power to remember her appearance.

“Alright.”  He softly replied before narrowing his eyes to say, “If you’re willing to lead the three realms with me, the position beside me will always……”

“You know that’s not possible.”  Luo Qing Chen bit her lip before revealing an incomparably sad smile, “Actually, I really want to agree with you and I want to hear that answer.”

That day, when they toasted with their wine, he didn’t give an answer.

Being a person meant not going against your conscience……

He killed Ning’er and Xiao Lang, he killed the Moon Admiring God, could someone tell her how she could act as if nothing had happened!

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