Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2167: Sir demon lord: Fairy please stay (Part 56)

The Moon Admiring God wasn’t dead, Ning’er wasn’t dead, Xiao Lang wasn’t dead……

All the people she cherished, he had used his life to cherish, except for himself.

The story was short and could be summed up with just a few words.

Of course, when this short story was told by the Moon Admiring God, she used an entire year before coming back to her senses.

When she stood in the Sea of Stars and Flowers again, the Moon Admiring God had constructed another tomb that had his black sword and his favourite black robe in it.

“It’s been a year, are you trying to desperately fix your primordial spirit or have you returned to the chaos?”  Luo Qing Chen looked up as she revealed a helpless bitter smile, “Will you come back?”

The snowflakes fell and she spread her hands, letting them fall onto her palm, giving her that cool sensation.

She closed her eyes.  On the day a year after he left, her mind was filled with the……matters of that year.

Actually, on the day she came out of the Soul Devouring Tower, when Ye Xuan Ji’s hand reached out to touch hers, he knew that only one of them would survive.

Divine power was something that had to be possessed.  When the owner of the divine power was asleep, it belonged to the one who had it.

But if the owner were to awaken, the divine power would be concentrated on the owner.

When Ye Xuan Ji handed half his divine power to Luo Qing Chen, he had fallen into a slumber.

Since the owner of the divine power was asleep, the half divine power belonged to Luo Qing Chen.

But…..when Ye Xuan Ji awoke with the God Soul, the half of the divine power in Luo Qing Chen started moving towards its owner.

That day, when the sand filled the sky, his heart ached from seeing her covered in blood.

But when he approached her to hug her, he found that his hand unconsciously released a red glow that absorbed her divine power bit by bit without any restriction.

He panicked at that moment.  He took his hands back and stopped his action of hugging her halfway.

She said with a smile, “I thought that you would hug me.”

He thought, “I really want to hug you.”

What happened after was even shorter and there was a determination in this short story.

He brought her back to the Myriad Demon Mirror and made an excuse of going to the mortal realm, but actually he went to the Sea of Stars and Flowers to see the Moon Admiring God.

The Moon Admiring God had just finished settling Ning’er and Xiao Lang and came back to the Sea of Stars and Flowers.

Although Di Fan Yu was furious, the Moon Admiring God was an upper god and he couldn’t do anything to him.

The Moon Admiring God saw that he was in a rush and said with a faint smile, “I rarely see you like this, what’s wrong?  Did you encounter a problem?”

Ye Xuan Ji told the Moon Admiring God about the divine power issue and the Moon Admiring God knitted his brows before opening the heavenly court’s sacred book.

There were records about a god’s divine power in there and one line wrote that if the primordial spirit was reassembled with the divine power of someone else, the divine power would belong to that other person.

It wouldn’t happen all at once, it would be bit by bit.  The one who lost it would feel some heart palpitations, but they would feel nothing else.

The feelings would become more frequent until the divine power was completely recovered by the original owner……

She would die……

Whether they were god or human, they would die……

Her primordial spirit had been fixed by half his divine power, so if it was lost, the primordial spirit would scatter again……

In the records about divine power, there wasn’t a single person who escaped this fate.

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