Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2179: Side story: Never letting you wait alone (Part 1)

When the experiences become the past, even if the years go by, you will still be the other cliff flower that I want the most.  ——Ye Xuan Ji.

Some people were born humble and some people were born noble.

I seemed to belong to the latter.

From the moment I was born, the difference between me and the other people of the world was set, born as an expert, never having a match.

My father told me that I would be alone in my domain in the future.

I didn’t understand at first, but I finally understood when I defeated my father with a single move when I turned one hundred.

A Demon God was called a Demon God, it was justified.

Until…..the day that I met her at the heavenly palace.

Dressed in red and covered in high level spells.

The Roaring Flame God, a god that came from the Soul Devouring Tower of the wilderness, a powerful god.

I didn’t care at first since I’ve beaten countless people and never met my match.

But when I fought with her, I knew that there was always someone better and I lost.

I lost to a girl……

I didn’t feel disappointed by this loss, but rather felt strangely excited.

I finally met a strong match and her power created flames in my heart, burning with the desire to fight.

Suddenly, I knew the meaning of my life.

It should be……to defeat her.

After the demons’ defeat in the war, I fell asleep for a long time.  When I woke up again, I excitedly asked the heavenly palace for peace.

I just needed one thing, to marry her.

It wasn’t for anything else, it was just to fight her again.

The heavenly palace used some shady method to send her to the Myriad Demon Mirror.  I didn't force her to do anything and made an appointment to fight with her again.

She agreed and I was happy because there were some thing that not everyone understood.

Especially the thoughts of masters, they sympathized with each other.

It was a pity that she didn’t come to the appointment.  I heard that she got married.

There was no feeling at that moment, just a bit of loss.

Since I was young, I knew that if I wanted to be an expert, I couldn’t touch things like love.  Once I had love, I would worry.

Then I wouldn’t be invincible.  I was certain at that time that if the demons and gods were to fight again, she definitely wouldn’t be my match.

Facts proved that I was half right.

But the other half was something I never imagined.

When I saw the ‘light of a god falling’ from the Myriad Demon Mirror, although the light only fell halfway, I never would have thought that it was her.

Until the Moon Admiring God told me that she abolished her divine power after getting married.

Divine power was not something that the heavenly court could abolish, she could only do it herself.

To be honest, I didn’t understand why she did this at that time.

A god that worked hard to pass through the floors of the Soul Devouring Tower to become a god, why would she give up all her divine power to marry someone?

When the next ‘light of a god falling’ came again, I heard that she scattered her primordial spirit.

It should have been a long time.  A hundred years or a thousand years?  I couldn’t remember……

The Moon Admiring God told me the truth as well.  He had me go to the Mirror of Samsara in the Unbounded Land where I learned everything.

I went to see……her entire life……

Actually I never thought that she had such a tragic life because of my marriage proposal……

Even if it was a fuse, if I hadn’t done it, even if the heavenly court didn’t like her, they wouldn’t have placed an unjust charge on her.

I told the Moon Admiring God that I wanted to save her.

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