Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2180: Side story: Never letting you wait alone (Part 2)

In this world, when a primordial spirit scattered, it was very hard to regather that primordial spirit.

Not only did it require immense power, which could provoke a heavenly disaster.  The consequences would be hard to imagine whether one was a god, demon, or human.

But I didn’t care that much at that time.  I handed over half my divine power to the Moon Admiring God and condensed her primordial spirit fragments in the world.

For a thousand years, I fell into a deep sleep and she……

I didn’t know if she would wake up, but I could gradually sense her thoughts, as well as the emotions that almost didn’t seem to be there.

This feeling was inexplicably strange, although there was a bit of a depressed feeling as well.

For example, before her primordial spirit fragments had finished gathering, she kept thinking of one person.

That person was the heavenly emperor of the thirty three heavens, Di Fan Yu.

To be honest, he wasn’t my match in my eyes at all.  If the demon race wanted to destroy the gods, Di Fan yu wouldn’t be able to do a thing.

After all, I was the Demon God and he…..was only an upper god who had cultivated the dao.

But this thought weakened as time passed.  When the moment her primordial spirit finally awakened came, I suddenly found that Di Fan Yu was no longer in her thoughts.

I couldn’t say if I was happy or unhappy, but it was a very comfortable feeling.

Because she had half my divine power, so it brought us closer.

But I never thought that after she recovered her primordial spirit, she would steal the God Soul for me.

That was the supreme artifact of the heavenly court, the thing that Di Fan Yu cherished the most.

I really never would have thought……

There was an inexplicable feeling in my heart at that time.  When she jumped onto the God Executing Altar, I told myself that I would protect her even if I died, I couldn’t let her be injured at all.

The half of my divine power in her was very strong and protected her.

Although she didn’t come with the Moon Admiring God to the Myriad Demon Mirror to see me, I could still talk to her.

On the way to the Soul Devouring Tower, we talked and admired the moon together.  I seriously listened to what she had to say and seriously protected her.

Although we hadn’t met for a thousand years, I felt that she had changed.

Her heart was no longer filled with people and her tone was very light, I didn’t feel her sadness at all.

On the wilderness path filled with sand, I never saw her, but that was the most reassuring moment in my life.

But that reassuring feeling disappeared when I picked her up from the Soul Devouring Tower.

I would never forget that day.  The yellow sand filled the air and I couldn’t see what was around me.

There was a girl slowly walking towards me covered in blood, with a bit of tears in those clear eyes.

She saw my figure and rushed over.  I thought that she would hug me, but I never thought that she would stop.

I looked into her eyes and my heart skipped a beat.

That beautiful moment, I would never forget it.

But unfortunately, it only lasted a moment.  When I raised my hand to touch her, there was a red light that lingered on my fingertips.

I felt my heart skip a beat as I was filled with panic.

That red light wasn’t dazzling and wasn’t just a random guess.  When I touched her, I could feel the divine power that used to belong to me in her trying desperately to come back to me.

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