Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2183: Magic potion: You will fall wildly in love with me (Part 2)

After receiving the previous host’s memories, Luo Qing Chen only had one thing to say: How did a previous host without any resentment come to the Chaos Space!

No matter who loved or hated who, it wasn’t related to her because she died before she even reached the main event of the incident.

It was a plane that crashed in the Pacific Ocean, there were no survivors.

The previous host’s obsession wasn’t the male lead, but rather another boy.  It was a gentle and elegant boy who seemed to be like a piece of white paper according to her memories.

Handsome, tall, and had two dimples when he smiled.

The stats in the bronze mirror had said that the previous host had admired this male god who was particularly good at math and physics.

In the New York Times, the previous host had fallen in love at first sight with this boy when she read about him in an article.

So she decided to go back to the country and not study abroad.

But she never thought that she would encounter a plane crash when heading home.

So she had no idea what was happening at the Alice Academy in the country at all.

As for the male lead, the previous host knew about him since A City was only that big.  Both the previous host and the male lead were born to wealthy families, so they could be considered family friends.

The previous host and the male lead weren’t familiar with one another, but she knew that he had a perfect face and a domineering personality.  There was one girl after another who was by his side, there wasn’t a single girl who had lasted more than a week.

In the eyes of the previous host, he was a scumbag.

Although the previous host was a young miss, her personality wasn’t bad.  She wasn’t ruthless or domineering, she liked wearing light skirts that made her look like a fairy.

This kind of girl yearned for someone who was more gentle and elegant like Lu Qiu Fan, so she didn’t like boys with personalities like Yu Qian Jin’s.

Even if she had met him at the gathering of the big families before heading abroad, other than his face being good, there was nothing else that attracted her.

Although she had to admit that Yu Qian Jun’s face value really was high.

As for the supporting female leads, the previous host didn’t know a thing.  Luo Qing Chen didn’t know what kind of personalities the supporting female leads had, but it shouldn’t be good.

[Because the previous host left the world that belonged to her very early, the host can go into god mode and watch everything that happened at Alice Academy as a bystander.]


It was another burst of dizziness. This was her first time seeing something like this.

To be honest, it wasn’t that comfortable.

But the few simple clips let her know the love and hate between men and women.

Alice Academy was the most prestigious school in the country.  The people studying there were all rich and noble, but of course there were a few people who had gotten in with their own efforts.

But they were only a small portion of the population.

Even if they were small, they were outsiders in the eyes of most people.

The second supporting female lead Mu Nan Xi was an intelligent person from a normal family who was attacked by the group led by the first supporting female lead Ye Si Tian.

Dirty water, ripping her textbooks, ruining her school uniforms, and all other kinds of bullying was normal for Mu Nan Xi.

Other than that, the supporting male lead Lu Qiu Fan was also a student from a normal family, but he was admired by many rich girls!


Because he was handsome!

After watching the stories as a bystander, Luo Qing Chen summed it up!

In this world, appearance was a kind of power.  Even if Lu Qiu Fan wasn’t an student that excelled in math and physic, he was still an excellent student, so there were many girls that wanted him to join their family!

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