Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2184: Magic potion: You will fall wildly in love with me (Part 3)

At flight AK3385, Luo Qing Chen stood at the terminal with her limited edition LV bag and looked down at her boarding pass.  She walked over to the counter and said, “I want to change my flight.”

“Hello miss, your flight AK3385 is about to take off, do you really want to change flights?”  The receptionist said in fluent English with a smile on her face, looking very polite.

“I’m certain!”  Luo Qing Chen replied in English before tapping the counter with her right hand out of habit, “I feel that you should stop flight AK3385.”

Her voice was a bit loud since she wanted to attract people’s attention.

Using this very awkward method, she could only express her helplessness.

“If something is wrong, I can ask for help for you.”

“My meaning is……”

Luo Qing Chen wanted to say something, but the person behind her cut her off.

The feeling of words being stuffed back down really didn’t feel good……

“Aiya, what is wrong with you?  Taking all this time!  There are still many people behind you waiting to check in!”

“Right!  What stop the flight, what nonsense!  I have a very important meeting tonight at eight.”

“You can’t stop the flight, I have to get back in time for my lover’s birthday.”


Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows.  There were endless voices from behind her and most of them were accusing her.

After all, the world was fast paced.  People were in a hurry and had many things to do, so naturally they didn’t have time to stop and listen to her.

“I was just joking.”  She narrowed her eyes and revealed a calm look, not showing a trace of emotion.

The receptionist’s face changed a bit as she said, “Miss, we will immediately change your booking.  I hope that you will not affect the other passengers.”

Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows.  She still wanted to say something, but the system’s voice cut her off.

[Host, you can’t interfere with the crash because this is their destiny.]

Actually, she knew about this fate and it was not something that she could change.

Because even if the plane didn’t have an accident today, it would have one tomorrow.

This result was inevitable and wasn’t an accident……

“Un, change it!”

After filling out the forms to change her flight, Luo Qing Chen went to the dessert shop on the second floor and ordered a latte, looking at the large clock that was in the center.

“There’s still thirty five minutes left……”  She knitted her brows, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

It was a helpless feeling.  Knowing that something was going to happen, but not being able to do anything.

“Big sister…….”  At this time, there was a boy in a suit that came up beside her, looking at her with clear eyes.

He looked to be around eight or nine years old and had particularly beautiful eyes.

“What’s wrong?”  Luo Qing Chen looked at him, seeing a beautiful woman beside him.

“This child, why did you run over here?  We’re about to get on, we won’t make it if we don’t go now!”  The beautiful woman came over.  She nodded at Luo Qing Chen before reaching out to grab the boy beside her.

The boy took his hand back and looked at the woman to say, “Mom, this big sister said that flight AK3385 needed to be stopped.”

Luo Qing Chen was surprised as she looked at the boy in front of her with a look of shock.

Amidst all her doubts, she thought that her vague words and her final statement of the plane needing to be grounded was ignored by everyone.

“I’m sorry!”  The beautiful woman first apologized before bending down to look at the little boy, “Liang Mo, you have to be good.  Don’t you know that this big sister is joking?  Quickly come with mom or the plane will really leave.”

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