Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2186: Magic potion: You will fall wildly in love with me (Part 5)

Why it was called a magic potion, because since the chemistry genius gave it to the school hunk who drank it without knowing what it was.

The school hunk who was a playboy became so devoted to her, almost loving her in a mad fashion.

So after a few years, the two graduated and married.  The school changed its name to Alice Academy as a gimmick for right people.

This legend was already thirty years old, but there were still many people who applied to the chemistry department each year.

This time, the main characters of the story were all in the chemistry department and in the same class.

The next morning, Luo Qing Chen received the school uniform, ID badge, and admission forms that were all sent to her home.

When she saw the admission forms, she was stunned.

Name: Luo Qing Chen

Family status: Normal

Best subject: Math

There was also other information like birthday and blood type, but Luo Qing Chen could accept most of it since it was personal information.

What was with this family status though?  Could it be that she wasn’t going to the Alice Academy as the Luo Family’s daughter?

“Uncle Chen, what does this normal family mean?”

“The madam said that because of the next election, since the Luo Family is an influential family, in order to ensure the safety of the young miss, you shouldn’t reveal your identity after coming back.”

Hearing the butler’s explanation, Luo Qing Chen felt goosebumps.  Could it be that as the Luo Family’s young miss, she was in danger of being assassinated?

The butler saw that Luo Qing Chen was a bit surprised, so he explained, “The madam was against the young miss coming back, but since the young miss insisted, the madam could only use this method to protect the young miss.”

“Perhaps……it’s also dangerous.”

Luo Qing Chen turned her head as she remembered what happened to Mu Nan Xi.

A high achieving normal student wouldn’t have a good life at the Alice Academy.


Standing at the door to the school, the golden sun fell onto her white cheeks.

The wind was strong in October and it was the season that pear blossoms bloomed.  There was a faint fragrance of pear blossoms in the air and taking a deep breath, one would feel relaxed and happy.

The boys and girls around, other than wearing their school uniforms, they added their own accessories.

For example, cute bows or they changed their pants.

When she walked into the school, she didn’t notice any strange gazes, but many different gazes fell onto her the moment she walked into the classroom.

The previous host was quite beautiful and belonged to kind of beauty that was quiet and beautiful.

The boys had no resistance against this kind of girl at all.  Although Luo Qing Chen also wasn’t familiar with this kind of girl.

Since this was a mission, it was also considered a test.

When she stood at the front of the room, there were many whispers that rang out around her.

“Wa, so beautiful!”

“I don’t know which family she’s from, but I like this kind of girl!”

“I often mess around, but I’ve never seen her before!”

“Could it be that she’s someone from another school?  Ze, ze, truly beautiful!”

“What’s the use in being beautiful, you’re still dirty if you’re a commoner like Mu Nan Xi.”  Ye Si Tian rolled her eyes with a displeased look.

But before the identity of the other side was revealed, she didn’t dare speak too much.

If the other side was a young miss she wasn’t familiar with, she would be finished.

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