Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2191: Magic potion: You will fall wildly in love with me (Part 10)

A little harsh and a little heartbreaking!

That was Luo Qing Chen’s first reaction.  Sitting on the stone bench not far away, she put her hands in her pocket and felt depressed.

It was unknown when Mu Nan Xi came over, but she sat down beside her and slowly said, “Don’t think about it, he is not someone you’re qualified to like.”

Her words were direct, very direct, like hitting the nail on the head!

Luo Qing Chen touched her ear out of habit and refuted, “I don’t understand what you mean.”

“Isn’t it young master Jin?”  She looked over and said with a smile, “I can see that you’re always looking at him.”

It had to be said, Mu Nan Xi’s observational skills were good, but she didn’t want to admit it.

“I was just thinking, how could all these girls like this kind of scumbag who clearly goes after girls one after another?”  She cleared her throat and said, “You saw it too, how long it took for him to break up with his last one and how he immediately replaced her with a substitute.”

Although it was inappropriate to call her a ‘substitute’, Luo Qing Chen’s first reaction was this.

“Who told you that young master Jin likes them?”  Mu Nan Xi shook her head before saying with a faint smile, “They are just people that young master Jin allows to approach him.”

“Approach him?”  Luo Qing Chen slightly knitted her brows as she was a bit confused by this.

Mu Nan Xi explained, “Being allowed to approach is sometimes the hardest thing.”

“Dong!”  There was another perfect three pointer.

“Wa!  Handsome, handsome, handsome!”  The cheers rang out again.

“If I remember correctly, young master Jin’s current girlfriend is called He Qing Qing, the daughter of one of the four big families in A City.”  Mu Nan Xi narrowed her eyes, “In terms of family backing, she is the most hopeful.”

Luo Qing Chen seriously listened and felt that Mu Nan Xi’s personality was different from what she imagined.

She felt that she was cold, but she never thought that she would talk this much.

“I have a question that I don’t know if I can ask.”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and said, “It’s about……”

“I heard what Ye Si Tian said to you.”  Mu Nan Xi’s eyes were very calm, not showing a single ripple.

“I’m sorry.”  Luo Qing Chen apologized first since she felt that whoever it was, they weren’t willing to talk about this.

But if it really was related to Ye Si Tian, with her identity, she would definitely help Mu Nan Xi after the election.

“He killed himself.”  Mu Nan Xi looked up with a bit of redness in his eyes, “I hurt him.”

After a while, Luo Qing Chen cleared her throat and changed the topic.

During gym class, they just casually chatted with each other.

Mu Nan Xi told her that the reason she was giving her this much advice was because she felt that she was similar to her in the past.

She had always been alone when she had been humiliated.

She understood that feeling, so that was why she said all this to her.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t care.  No matter what, she was someone who had experienced a lot and a Ye Si Tian who wanted to die didn’t pose any threat to her.

Although there was no threat, there were small moves that came one after another.

For example, throwing away her bag and textbook when she went to the bathroom or having the math teacher ask Luo Qing Chen why she didn’t have a textbook when he started class.

The math teacher naturally complied since he was a working class teacher.  After all these years in Alice Academy, he had long learned about ‘appeasing the rich’.

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