Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2193: Magic potion: You will fall wildly in love with me (Part 12)

He Qing Qing didn’t have the same personality as Ye Si Tian, she was a quiet and well behaved girl.

But even so, Luo Qing Chen could see that she was a bit unwilling.

This hard fought opportunity was about to be taken by others, she wasn’t willing!

She had worked so hard and waited so long for the chance to be by Yu Qian Jin’s side, she definitely couldn’t let someone else take it away.

“Un.”  Yu Qian Jin took the mineral water from her hand and opened the cap to take two sips.

Luo Qing Chen suddenly had an awkward feeling.  The more accurate description was……the cannon fodder halo had fallen on her head again.

He Qing Qing looked at her and raised a brow as she gave a proud snort.

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her cold eyes.  She had planned on coldly turning around, but she was a bit unwilling.

So before she turned, she didn’t forget to add, “I’m sorry, we haven’t met before.  If you want to strike up a conversation next time, please use a better excuse or people will feel very low.”

The classmates around her all looked in her direction when she said this.

The whispers filled her ears and most of them were in surprised tones.

“What is this?  Isn’t this normal student a bit too arrogant!”

“This is the first time I’ve seen someone dare to diss young master Jin, does she not want to live anymore?”

“Humph, what a joke!  Don’t you want to attract young master Jin?  How many girls have used this method before?”

“Right!  Are any of them still in Alice now?”


The whispers filled her ears, including one that came from her mind.

[The host is shattering the jar!]

What can I do, I’m angry!  They can do what they want, I’m planning on following my path!

[If the host fails this mission……]

Don’t speak!

I……I will work hard!

Luo Qing Chen didn’t look at Yu Qian Jin again.  She strangely felt a bit nervous and looked in Mu Nan Xi’s direction.

She just knitted her brows as she shook her head at her.

Lu Qiu Fan sitting beside her touched her elbow and wrote a few words in his notebook, “Quickly transfer schools!”

Luo Qing Chen was already angry and this atmosphere made her even more unhappy.

If there wasn’t a counterattack, she would be more angry and it would hard to calm down.

Luo Qing Chen picked up her pen and wrote a few words in his notebook, “Coward!”

Lu Qiu Fan knitted those beautiful brows and met her gaze when he looked up.

He suddenly strangely felt that this girl sitting beside him was very special.  She was arrogant and had no fear.

This feeling was like the past Mu Nan Xi.

But her eyes were more indifferent.

Yu Qian Jin sitting behind her had a trace of coldness in his eyes and he tapped her shoulder again to say, “It’s good to have a personality, but that depends on the time.”

Hearing Yu Qian Jin’s words, Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows.  Everyone had thought that she was panicking at this moment.

After all, she had challenged the most powerful person in A City, so it was normal to be afraid.

But in reality……

Luo Qing Chen didn’t feel any fear in her heart, but rather……

The ‘cannon fodder halo’ on her head became bigger!  No matter what, she felt her position wasn’t right!

Wasn’t it agreed that she should have the bright protagonist halo?

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