Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 22.1: Wife eats meat, I drink soup.

Chapter 22 Part 1

Their palms were held closely together like glue. Ye Jingzhi’s words fell, and Xi Jia subconsciously raised his head to look at him. His gaze just so happened to land on the mole in his eye.

Since the first time they met, Xi Jia felt that this mole was very strange.

It’s not like a mole could never be found in an eye, but it’s very rarely seen. Having one in the eyes was even more strange. He remembered that day when he opened the door for Master Ye. As soon as he saw this mole, his feet felt cold, and a gust of eerie cold air crawled up his spine. If this mole sealed a kind of baleful aura, then it could explain the chilliness that Xi Jia had felt.

This kind of unusual physique made Ye Jingzhi the Hell King Ye of today. Even though his master had passed away long ago, he could self-study and became a talented genius of the younger generation. He surpassed several seniors and stood at the peak of the Xuanxue world.

But it was also precisely this kind of physique that made him progress too quickly and became a frightening existence amongst his peers.

With each gain, there’s a loss. If you want to obtain something, then you would certainly lose something.

Recalling some things in the past, Xi Jia looked down and no longer spoke.

How could Ye Jingzhi know that in a short few minutes, Xi Jia actually thought of so many things? He saw Xi Jia not speaking and asked, “Did something happen today?”

Xi Jia shook his head, “The situation with the crew is very good. Director Li is also taking care of me.” Pausing for a moment, he spoke again, “Master Ye, everything on my side is very good. You don’t have to worry, and you don’t have to……be so good to me.” The most important thing is……sigh, you care so much, I always feel weird. We’re unrelated to each other. It always seems like something’s fishy……

Ye Jingzhi didn’t understand what he had heard, “?”

Xi Jia coughed twice and explained, “I mean, it’s already pretty hard on you guys with ghost hunting. You don’t have to be concerned about my stuff, I can take care of myself.”

Ye Jingzhi was stunned.

But this wasn’t what Master had said!

Last year, “Ghosts Know” had released a special issue of Yi Lingzi’s gossip. That night, all four articles were about how Yi Lingzi swindled naive and ignorant fellow female daoists when he was young, and about how he passed through numerous flowers without any leaves touching his body.1

Pei Yu had said that when that special issue was uploaded, Ye Jingzhi brought Wu Xiang Qing Li and broke into “Ghosts Know”’s HQ for the sake of protecting his master’s reputation, picking a fight. He forcibly made “Ghosts Know” completely delete those four articles. But when a lot of seniors mentioned this to their own juniors, they would all laugh loudly, “That’s because Yi Lingzi is gone. If he’s here, he definitely would not ask ‘Ghosts Know’ to delete the articles, and would even ask ‘Ghosts Know’ to continue to upload his special issues several times and spread his heroic deeds to the whole world!”

Yi Lingzi himself was really peculiar. It’s said that he’s a playboy. That absolutely didn’t do him injustice. Even so, it had still wronged him.

In the past, Yi Lingzi was young and arrogant, outstanding and casual, and was even 1st place in the Modou Rankings. He’s handsome, strong, and had a clever mouth to coax girls. Many young fellow female daoists were fascinated by him. Whichever city Yi Lingzi came to ghost hunt at, that city would have a female confidant. He really was the Xuanxue world’s number one flirt.

Afterwards in his later years, Yi Lingzi didn’t mind his fickle love affairs of his past. On the contrary, he even boasted and bragged in front of his underaged disciple.

“Jingzhi, do you know how to treat girls? You have to be nice to her. If she wants a hundred year malicious ghost, you’ll catch a hundred year malicious ghost for her. If she wants a five hundred year flying corpse to refine a treasure, you’ll buy a five hundred year flying corpse for her. Whatever she wants, you’ll give to her. Even if she wants a star, you’ll have to pluck a star for her. This way, the girl will be dead set on you.”

At that time, Ye Jingzhi was only 4-5 years old. Hearing those words, he only understood how to nod his head, but he also could reflect on it, “Master, Jingzhi can’t pluck a star.”

Romeo Yi Lingzi hated iron for not becoming steel as he said, “Stupid! Master naturally knows that you can’t pluck a star, even Master can’t pluck a star. When girls want you to pluck a star, do they really want a star? They want you to do anything for her. As long as you do everything you can think of for her, she absolutely won’t ask for a star from you. Understand?”

Little Ye Jingzhi was only 4-5 years old, how could he understand this? He could only earnestly and seriously record his master’s teachings using his little notebook, carefully memorizing them along with the incantations and cultivation techniques that needed to be recited from memory everyday.

When it came to Yi Lingzi’s dissolute lifestyle, free and unrestrained for a lifetime, his only regret was that all those female confidants that he had then were now all married and had become a wife. Everyone very rarely traveled, and only he himself was still unmarried, following a solitary path.

Thus, Yi Lingzi would warn when he’s teaching his disciple, and he would often say, “When you don’t have a wife, anything is okay. You can learn from your master and fully enjoy your youth. After you’re married and have a wife, you should quickly concentrate. Outside, they are all pretty and flirtatious bitches. Wife’s the only one pure, not fake, and the most important person. You have to remember, wife is even more important than yourself. Wife eats meat, you will drink soup; Wife sleeps, you will wave a fan. Do you understand?”

Little Ye Jingzhi earnestly wrote it down.

『 Need to be nice to wife. Need to catch a 100 year malicious ghost for wife. Buy a 500 year flying corpse. Pluck a star from the sky. I only drink soup, wife eats meat; I wave a fan, wife sleeps. 』

Until the year he was 6 years old, little Ye Jingzhi was in the middle of cleaning the room. He held a broom that was taller than his height, sweeping seriously. Yi Lingzi suddenly slammed open the door and threw a white Mt. Tai stone to him while heartily laughing, “Disciple, Master found a fiancée for you. From now on, you have a wife! Master will go with Qishan and them in search for an ancient tomb first. It’s rumored to have a 600 year malicious ghost inside. Wait till Master comes back and then talk to you about your wife.”

Little Ye Jingzhi tightly grasped the Mt. Tai stone. He blinked his eyes as he watched his Master leave.

Afterwards, Yi Lingzi never came back. In the ancient tomb, it wasn’t a 600 year malicious ghost but a 1,000 year drought demon. With a party of four, only Qishan-daoren had been able to luckily escape. Yi Lingzi took down the drought demon along with himself in the end. When Qishan-daoren came back to notify Ye Jingzhi, little Ye Jingzhi had cleaned the house and cooked a hot and steaming meal. He was sitting on the sofa and carefully wiping the Mt. Tai stone, waiting anxiously for his master to return home.

Then, his master was gone, and only a wife was left.

Then later, 19 years had past, his wife was also gone, and only he alone was left.

Then later later, wife returned, but wife said, “You don’t have to care about me.”

Master Ye felt extremely wronged and didn’t know what was good to say. After holding it in for a long time, he said, “I’ll recite for you.”

Xi Jia nodded his head, and thought to himself: Master Ye is such a good person. If the Xuanxue world allows, I really want to give him a “Top 10 Most Moving People of the Xuanxue World” award.

After the incantations were done, XI Jia planned to sleep. Ye Jingzhi left the room guilelessly and didn’t dare to stay in his wife’s room for a while longer. Everything came from Romeo Yi Lingzi’s devoted teachings, “When you have a falling out, you have to listen to everything your wife commands. If wife wants you to stay, you must stay; If wife wants you to leave, you shouldn’t shamelessly stay. Anyways later when you get there, hehehe.”

Before leaving, Ye Jingzhi still couldn’t help but say some words, “Although we still don’t know what the thing really is or if it’s dangerous, Chang’an isn’t safe nowadays. You……You need to be careful. The relic can block most of your yin energy so it won’t affect the ordinary people that can’t handle your yin energy. But if it’s a Xuanxue person, they can still discover the faint yin energy on your body.”

Xi Jia smiled slightly, “Thanks, Master Ye.”

The two of them parted. Xi Jia had just lain down on the bed when he received a WeChat notification.

In the past, “Ghosts Know” have only sent out notifications for articles at midnight. Today, they actually issued an announcement. Xi Jia opened it to take a look, “Ying Ziying?”

After carefully recollecting for a long time, only then did Xi Jia uncover from his memories what his junior high history teacher had once said——

『 The Qin Dynasty had three generations, but the duration of time the Third Emperor was on the throne was very short. Later, the ruling title became King again. This is not on the test. You guys just need to learn about Qin Er Shi. 』

It seemed like the Xuanxue world still had some reliable people. As a matter of fact, although they couldn’t even find out who the person involved was, it shouldn’t be difficult for them to catch that Qin San Shi.

Xi Jia was at ease as he fell asleep. He didn’t know that when Ye Jingzhi just returned to his room, he had also received this piece of news and immediately left for the Mausoleum.

Translator’s Addition:

Little Mirror: Excuse your language, master.

Translator’s Notes:
1 passing through numerous flowers without any leaves touching his body – to have a lot of girls/girlfriends without getting married.

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