Befriending the Most Powerful Person

Chapter 23.1

Trigger warning for non-con (biting) Just use ctrl+f and skip to 'end of non-con'

“According to my arrangements, there’s no way other people can be in that garden.” Yi Silei’s tone turned colder, “What are you hiding from me? Did you secretly go somewhere you weren’t supposed to go?”

Yep, I’m hiding a lot of things from you and also snuck off to somewhere I shouldn’t have gone.

Before Shao Ci could even open his mouth, Yi Silei started to talk again, “Is it Prince Hailey? He’s the most lecherous person in the palace, with more than a hundred Zergs in his bed before. It wouldn’t be strange if he did something to you…  or could it be Princess Alisha? Youngers like you are just her type…”

Shao Ci was dumbstruck as he watched Yi Silei list out name after name until he had practically mentioned every high ranking Zerg on the planet. Once again, he had to lament just how messy the Zergs bedroom affairs were.

Of course, the most important point was that His Majesty, the Emperor, Caesar’s name was never said.

After all, Caesar was somebody so clean that everyone wondered if he had some kind of unmentionable problem *down there*. It was also because of this that no heirs were left, resulting in the huge mess it is now.

“If they forced you, just tell me. As long as you tell me, no matter which aristocrat or royal they are, I’ll make them pay. Little Ci, the one you like is still me, right?” Yi Silei bit his lip and watched Shao Ci, anticipation and hope dancing in his eyes as he reached out to hold Shao Ci’s hand.

The instant Yi Silei touched him, Shao Ci’s face whitened and an expression of conflict appeared on it. The hand that was held was trembling slightly.

This was obviously the best chance to explain everything but it was really too painful. Even though Shao Ci could endure it, the best he could do was not shaking Yi Silei’s hand off; speaking was absolutely impossible.

The aircraft instantly turned silent. Shao Ci didn’t even need to look to know that Yi Silei had an exceedingly ugly look on his face.

“So you hate me so much that you don’t even want to be touched by me?” Yi Silei’s voice had turned completely cold, “You were probably like this before too, right? Although you acted calm on the outside, you actually didn’t like me at all, right? You just had no choice but to stay by my side… after all, if it weren’t for me, that low-grade Zerg you liked wouldn’t have died like that. You must definitely hate me…”

Wait a moment, who are you talking about ah! Why did you suddenly burst out with such explosive lines! What random matter so many years ago did you make that out from? Shao Ci was so scared that he was stupefied, once again thinking that Yi Silei’s imagination was truly amazing.

“But that’s all your fault for treating those despicable people so well, how could they possibly match with you? Obviously, you can just look at me alone and that’d be perfect.” Yi Silei had already sunk into his dark history, his tone turning increasingly impassioned, “At that time, I secretly pledged that if I ran into you again, I would never let your gaze linger on others again. Right now, I’m trying really hard to keep this calm…”

Inferior Zergs were not treated very well and many of them died early so Shao Ci didn’t pay much attention to those irregular deaths.

Shao Ci had absolutely no idea whatsoever about the inferior Zerg he liked that Yi Silei was talking about. After all, he had always treated cute kids pretty well. It was probably all just Yi Silei’s imagination.

However, this wasn’t the reason for Yi Silei’s blackening, okay! This guy probably already blackened since he was small, alright? If he didn’t mention it, Shao Ci wouldn’t have even known about that.

“After the next time I saw you, I tried so hard to cover it up, acting like this in front of you in hopes that one day, you could treat me with the same gentleness… But it’s all useless. You’ll never forgive me.” Yi Silei had already started to go mad as he pushed Shao Ci against the seat.

…  Wasn't the main reason because the cute youth of the past turned into a psychopath?!

Start of non-con

Shao Ci felt stabs of pain with every place he touched. His tears had already started rolling as he struggled, but his body was firmly held down: “Do… don’t, sob…”

Yi Silei’s hand slowly trailed down Shao Ci’s neck, ruthlessly pushing down on the bite mark. The look in his eyes was cold beyond comparison, “So to take revenge on me, you just casually found somebody to do this to you? If I’d known earlier, I would’ve just directly locked you up… if you aren’t by my side, I don’t know what I would do… you can never leave my sight…”

Shao Ci simply couldn’t bear with the simultaneous physical and emotional attacks. He couldn’t even say anything to calm the situation down, only able to gasp for breath. He hated how he couldn’t just faint away.

“Right now, I want to… clean up this part here…” Yi Silei grasped Shao Ci’s lapels firmly and lowered his head, biting down on the bite mark. He kept biting until his own mark had completely covered the previous one, an abnormal flush appearing on his fair face as he murmured, “Ah, just like this… your body must be completely covered by my traces…”

Originally, Shao Ci had just thought Yi Silei to be a love-addled gay dude, but now he found he was completely wrong. Yi Silei was a crazy gay yandere!

Somebody hurry up and get this sick beyond cure person out! Shao Ci internally screamed. The next moment, he really couldn’t hold on anymore. The world turned black as he fainted away.

The room was dimly lit, with soft rugs lining the floor. An extremely large bed laid in the middle, surrounded by luxurious, draping black curtains, completely hiding the scene inside.

Shao Ci woke up, dazed. Every inch of his body hurt and when he pulled open the loose robes he was wearing, he found that he was completely covered in purple hickeys.

Shao Ci couldn’t help but turn stiff when he thought of what happened yesterday. After they returned to the manor yesterday, Yi Silei brought him directly to the bathroom before making his horrible words, ‘your body must be completely covered by my traces’, come true.

Although Shao Ci struggled desperately under the system’s punishment, Yi Silei didn’t care at all, just hugging him and leaving marks on every inch of his body.

End of non-con

In the end, Shao Ci’s strength was completely exhausted and all he could do was sob softly while Yi Silei kissed his cheek in satisfaction. Despite Shao Ci’s unwell condition, Yi Silei’s face glowed with excitement: “Ah, now only my marks cover you.”

“It doesn’t matter, I won’t do anything to you right now, I love you so much, how could I harm you, we can only do it after we’re married ah…”

“You’re crying? It’s probably because you’re also very happy and are also looking forward to the day of our wedding, right? I am too, but we can’t right now...”

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