Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 22.2: Wife eats meat, I drink soup.

Chapter 22 Part 2

Upon arrival at the First Emperor’s Tomb, the Celestial Masters standing on the ground were still calculating with their fingers. The great masters flying in the clouds were not much different from just a moment ago.

Ye Jingzhi slightly frowned: How come it seems like there’s no change at all?

Thinking a bit, Ye Jingzhi asked, “Didn’t catch him?”

At this moment, Qishan-daoren was bored out of his mind, standing at the center of the formation and playing with his fingers. Hearing these words, he listlessly replied, “We haven’t found out where he is, how could we catch him? Young Daoist Ye, did you bring your phone? Let’s team up.1 This old man isn’t an expert at divinations, standing here is so boring!”

Ye Jingzhi didn’t understand what “team up” meant and shook his head to refuse.

Qishan-daoren still said, “This old man’s cell phone is almost out of battery. Fellow Daoist Ye, let me borrow your phone to play. This old man is almost bored to death!”

Ye Jingzhi lightly nodded and pulled his phone out of his pocket. Qishan-daoren’s eyes immediately shined. He hadn’t received the phone yet when Ye Jingzhi suddenly put his phone back.

Qishan-daoren, “……Young Daoist Ye?”

Ye Jingzhi said seriously, “Senior Qishan, if I give you the phone, this junior would have a hard time contacting others.”

Qishan-daoren didn’t even think, “Use Modou voice messages! Young Daoist Ye, if someone wants to find you for something, can’t they use Modou voice messages?”

Ye Jingzhi said, “He doesn’t know how to use Modou voice messages.”

Qishan-daoren, “……?” Meow meow meow?2 In this day and age, there’s still a Celestial Master who didn’t know how to use Modou voice messages?!!

It’s not like Qishan-daoren was being very forceful, but because he and Ye Jingzhi have met several times. During those times, he had never seen the other person play on his phone. It was as if it is only a decoration to Ye Jingzhi. Furthermore, this was also his first time being refused by Ye Jingzhi.

As a moral model of the Xuanxue world, Ye Jingzhi’s temperament was so good that everyone who knew him were thoroughly impressed.

Due to their fear of Hell King Ye, Pei Yu and those Celestial Masters of the younger generation do not dare to get close to him. Therefore, they only know that he’s a good person but not the extent of how good he really was. Qishan-daoren was different though.

Qishan-daoren, as one of the most powerful seniors of the Xuanxue world, would often attend the annual Xuanxue World Celestial Masters Representative Assembly with Ye Jingzhi.

Once ordinary people’s National Representative Assembly started, it would go on for several days and even needed sub-venues. The Xuanxue world’s Celestial Masters Representative Assembly didn’t need to be divided into so many provincial and city representatives, and only a group of old Celestial Masters plus a Ye Jingzhi would sit together to hold a meeting.

The Celestial Masters Representative Assembly was inferior to ordinary people’s Assembly, but in terms of length of time, it’s far superior compared to the humans’.

It’s unknown which generation of Celestial Masters had set the rules, but the Celestial Masters Representative Assembly must be held for a full 10 days and 10 nights. No one was allowed to leave in the middle. Everyone must also travel lightly, and could only bring 10 kg of stuff, parenthesis, including the things inside a Qiankun bag.

This time, there were no monks who were fasting, and rations filled their Qiankun bags. The ghost hunting Celestial Masters and Feng Shui Masters who could fast started to bring some amusing and fun things to pass time.

A few years ago, everyone brought novels. Later, they started bringing MP3s and MP4s. These days, it’s popular to bring smartphones and portable chargers.

It’s a full ten days, no matter how many phones or portable chargers, it’s not enough to play! Hence, Qishan-daoren initially wanted to borrow a phone from Ye Jingzhi.

Master Ye truly traveled lightly, bringing nothing at all. With ten days for the Celestial Masters Representative Assembly, Master Ye would also feel completely bored, but he wouldn’t sneakily read certain enjoyable Xuanhuan genre novels, 8 o’clock slot dog blood soap operas, or feigning sleep in order to play games underneath the table. He would guilelessly listen even though words would enter the left ear and come out of the right ear. Looking at the surface, he would look quite serious.

Therefore, when “Ghosts Know” needed to report about the Celestial Masters Representative Assembly, they would always use Ye Jingzhi’s picture for the article. One, he looked handsome and could increase the views; Two, Master Ye appeared so much like an model example, completely embodying the dignified atmosphere of the divine and inviolable Celestial Masters Representative Assembly, and could scare little kids.

During the Celestial Masters Representative Assembly where one was so idle to the point that one would be willing to dance public square dances, Ye Jingzhi was always willing to lend out his phone. In contrast, why didn’t he lend it out once they came here?

Qishan-daoren was stunned silly.

Ye Jingzhi walked to Cengxiu-zhenjun’s side to find out about the situation. When he found out that Zhuzhao-zhenren had only figured out that it was Qin San Shi that had escaped and hadn’t figured out where Qin San Shi was, Ye Jingzhi subconsciously wanted to leave again, but after carefully thinking: Wife is sleeping. There’s nothing going on if I go back, it’s better if I stay here.

The elites of the entire Xuanxue world continued to make calculations in the skies above the First Emperor’s Tomb.

In the morning, Cengxiu-zhenjun said, “Fellow daoists, going on like this is not the way. The purple aura of a true dragon has always been covering Qin San Shi. All along, we can’t calculate it out. In this way, may I ask the fellow daoists of Tianji School to remain here together with Fellow Daoist Jiqin and the fellow daoists of Dinghai Sect, and continue to look for Qin San Shi’s position. The rest of us will head to Xianyang from Chang’an to search. Qin San Shi had died in Xianyang. Qin Dynasty’s capital was also Xianyang. The most probable place he would go to is Xianyang. We’ll split up and search. We must not waste time and sit around as to not cause a disaster.”

This was also a way. Very quickly, the crowd dispersed and started to search.

Finally able to leave this lousy place, Qishan-daoren became abnormally excited. Right when he planned on leaving, Cengxiu-zhenjun spoke again, “Qishan, you stay here with Yazhi and them to reinforce the barrier. Wait for us to return.”

Qishan-daoren, “……”

This old man has some motherf*cking words, not sure if it should be spoken or not spoken!

The things that had happened with the Xuanxue world, Xi Jia wasn’t clear about it. First thing in the morning, he hurried to the movie city, finished his makeup and costume, and started to shoot. Today, the number of scenes he had were a bit more. A total of five scenes, two in the morning, and three at night.

After he had finished filming the scenes in the morning, Xi Jia wore his stage costume and tied up the long wig using an elastic tie as he sat on a small stool to eat. Once he finished eating the boxed lunch, there’s still six hours till the three scenes in the evening. Xi Jia couldn’t take off the costume because he’s still a small supporting character. He didn’t have a makeup artist helping him remove the makeup and reapply. He could only honestly wait to the side.

Xi Jia watched the two leads act for a while, and then he quietly left the crew to continue strolling in the movie city.

This movie city was just constructed in the last few years. Chang’an City Hall made use of Chang’an’s culture and resources of the ancient capital and established this Qin and Tang movie city in order to promote tourism. Lately, several Qin Dynasty and Tang Dynasty dramas were all shot at this movie city.

When he walked to Zhu Que Street, Xi Jia saw several staff members sitting on the curb with no work, fanning themselves. Going over to that crew to take a look, he only saw a complete mess on the ground. The ground was covered with the fragments of tiles and foam, as if something had been smashed down.

Xi Jia was curious and looked at it a few more times. A staff member sitting on the curb waved at him and asked, “You’re from the neighboring crew for Xuanwu?”

Xi Jia slightly blanked and nodded his head.

The fat staff member said, “Your movie’s not bad. Big investments and large scale, the box office is definitely good. Looking at your costume……” The fatty looked at Xi Jia’s face for a long time before arriving at a conclusion, “Playing a small role?”

These words weren’t entirely wrong. Xi Jia was a bit-part actor before. This was his first time having a role that had a first and last name. It’s inevitable for the other person to not recognize him. He didn’t deny it and smiled while asking, “What happened to your crew? Yesterday, I even saw you beginning to shoot. Did something happen today?”

The fatty sighed, “Sigh, don’t even mention it. Last night when we worked overtime and filmed, the ceiling fell down. You didn’t see it, but the ceiling just came tumbling down and even broke one of our equipment that costs several hundred thousand. Fortunately, there’s no one in the main hall at that time. If it had landed on a person, they would be done for. Although our ceiling is mostly made out of foam and plastics, there’s also some cement mixed in. If a person got hit, they’d definitely be on the news.”

Xi Jia knitted his eyebrows, “Didn’t inspect beforehand?”

The fatty shook his head, “How could there be! The props crew inspected it once and said something like the ceiling looked as if someone had forcibly snapped it. The entire board cracked and that’s how it could fall down. Don’t you think it’s hilarious? Who could break apart that big of a ceiling? The drama we’re shooting is about the Qin Dynasty. Even if the Overlord of Chu, Xiang Yu, at the end of the Qin Dynasty were to reborn with extraordinary strength, it would not be possible for such a large ceiling to break apart.”3

Talking about this kind of marvelous gossip, these staff members all have something to say, each of them talking skillfully.

It wasn’t good for Xi Jia to enter someone else’s crew, so he could only watch from afar. But not long after, he saw a truck drive over from the other side of Zhu Que Street. Ten-some young, robust men carried a huge stone slab through the crew entrance and laboriously put it in the truck.

In the middle of the huge stone slab, there’s a lot of small chiseled marks. It was obvious that the crew staff wanted to break the thing and then deliver each one, but was unsuccessful. But along the edge of the slab, there were irregular fracture marks. The slab was fairly brand new, and the crack line was jagged. This showed that the slab was cracked in an instant. It also meant that there’s no problem with the material of the slab.

Xi Jia slightly squinted his eyes to carefully look at the slab.

It truly seemed like there’s a huge hand from the sky that had pressed down onto the stone slab, and then forcefully caused the slab to split apart and collapse.

Xi Jia looked at it for a while and finally moved his line of sight away to watch the crew.

At the set, people were coming and going, and there’s still many people cleaning up the broken rocks and trash on the ground.

Probably because of the ceiling crashing down, the crew’s mood wasn’t very good and their surroundings were also in a mess. There’s a sort of murky feeling in the crew that made people uncomfortable. But in Xi Jia’s eyes, this sort of murky atmosphere was only due to the gloomy mood in the area. There’s no yin energy.

……It had nothing to do with ghosts and monsters. Was it really just an accident?

Or was it that it could curb yin energy and not get noticed by people just like that one evil spirit doppelgänger?

In the end, there’s no explanation.

Xi Jia watched for a long time, but still got up to leave to continue strolling in some other direction in the end. By the time he came back, this crew had already cleaned up. The director loudly hollered and yelled in irritation, and the actors got into position once again. The seven or eight eunuch extras dressed in black stood with their heads lowered, waiting in the main mall.

The director’s mad bellowing voice could be heard clearly even at the entrance, “There’s no problem with the ceiling this time? You’re sure? Fuck, if there’s another problem again, the props crew can all scram!”

After another period of flurrying, the crew finally decided to begin shooting.

However, just as the director shouted “start,” Xi Jia widened his eyes as he helplessly watched the ceiling come tumbling down once again!

Unlike other studio accidents, a collapsing ceiling would always have some signs. This ceiling seemed to have split by someone’s palm, falling down loudly with a bang.

It didn’t hit anyone just like before, but this time, two machines had been smashed into pieces.

The entire crew was deathly still. Even the director also widened his eyes and couldn’t say a single word.

After a minute, not sure who shouted first, “There’s a ghost! There’s a ghost!” Then, this crew suddenly became frantic, and a lot of the staff ran in fright to escape. The angered director loudly cursed in rage, “Everyone, get the hell back here! What ghost? Where’s a ghost? It’s just the props team not doing their work properly! The people of the props team, get the hell over here. Is this how you work? How could the ceiling collapse again……”

Translator’s Addition:
Qin San Shi: Historical inaccuracy? Preposterous! ‾͟͟͞(((ꎤ๑‾᷅༬‾᷄๑)̂—̳͟͞͞o

Translator’s Notes:
1 开局黑 Team up:  Thank you Liu Minge for correcting me. It’s when people meet up IRL to play DOTA or LOL (in this case probably Mobile Legends) so they can have a communication advantage over their opponents. Someone on your team can sometimes be on the opposing team to act as a spy, which is basically cheating.  
2 喵喵喵 Meow Meow Meow: Yes it does say that. From what I’ve gathered, it’s often used when someone doesn’t want to answer a question (like on live video streams) and says that instead to move on. I guess an equivalent would be…”Say what? What did you say? I can’t hear you,” without being too upfront.
3 楚霸王项羽 Overlord of Chu, Xiang Yu – aka Tyrant of Western Chu, Hegemon-King of Western Chu, and many others. A historical figure who appears often in novels and games. It’s said that he could lift a ding (ancient Chinese cauldron) that weighed over 212 kg or 467 lbs.

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