Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 22 - Anguo Tower

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Chapter 22 - Anguo Tower

Although there were dozens of people on the men’s side, a lot of time was saved because of the large number of “group performances” made by the civil official’s children, so it was almost done in one afternoon.

The results of the secondary election were not announced on the spot, they had to wait until tomorrow to know. Because of the large number of royal clan members, the final results need to be counted.

Moreover, since there were many related households, the clan members had to work together to avoid offending people. But in general, the speed of selecting men was very fast.

The woman’s side was relatively much slower, it was said that the Empress Dowager read it once and said nothing. She only let the palace maids send needles and threads to the young ladies to examine their feminine arts, and to let them come back to check three days later.

During this period, the people of the Department of Rites and Music were asked to teach the ladies to dance, which was said to be shown to the Emperor at the palace banquet on the last day.

The end of the Imperial Concubine Selection seemed to be far away.

Su Yu returned to the Xunyang Palace with a clear conscience to pack his back, he guessed that he could go home tomorrow.

Thanks to thinking that he would be trapped there for more than ten days, he forgot that with his aptitude he would soon be brushed off, he had completely worried in vain.

In the evening, Su Yu had enough to eat and drink. He waited in the room for a long time and didn’t see Sauce coming to him, suddenly he remembered that the kitten didn’t know that he had changed his room.

He quickly took a few small fish cakes from his bag and put them on the rear window.

The read window on the third floor was still some distance away from the wall, but with Sauce's intelligence, he should know to take the stairs…I think.

What if the kitten doesn’t go through the back window and go to the front yard instead?

Su Yu scratched his head in annoyance and simply walked out of the door and rested against the railing. He was a big living person standing there, the cat’s eyes that could see things at night could always see him, ba.

The noble’s children lived on the east side of the Xunyang Palace, this small building was also built facing east. Standing on the third floor, you could see most of the Outer Court of the Imperial Palace.

It was just time to light the lamps, the sun had not fallen completely.

The afterglow loomed over the Imperial Palace, reflecting the vermilion glazed tiles, giving off a sense of loneliness, and also highlighting the tower in the center.

Most of the buildings in the Palace did not exceed three floors, but the Da’an Imperial Palace had one exception, which was a seven-story tower located on the central axis of the palace.

The tower was beautifully built, towering into the clouds and each floor was built extremely high. At the moment, lights were being lit layer by layer, and they were shining from the big windows, just like a delicate lantern, radiating light to all corners of the palace.

“Sure enough, looking in the palace, this tower is several times more beautiful.” Behind him came a calm voice.

Su Yu looked back and saw Duke Lu’s Shizi who came out to enjoy the cool air like him.

Just as he was about to say “Lu Gongzi, what a coincidence”, Su Yu suddenly remembered that he was not surnamed Lu, and for a moment, he couldn’t remember what was Duke Lu’s surname was.

He was a little embarrassed and coughed softly.

“Zaixia[TL_Note: Myself (humble) ] Su Yu, have been living next door to Gongzi for two days and I haven’t paid my respects yet, I’m really ashamed.”

Duke Lu’s Shizi didn’t mind and leaned against the railing with him.

“Gao Peng, courtesy name Wan Li.”

Su Yu blinked, he thought that he was as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns “Old Unmarried Youth” who had participated in the Imperial Concubine Selection in his twenties.

He didn’t expect that the dignified Duke Lu’s Shizi was also a “Leftover Man”, and immediately felt a lot closer to him. So he smiled and continued the topic just now, pointing to the “Big Lantern” and asking.

“Does Shizi know what that’s used for?”

The tower was called Anguo Tower, but Su Yu already heard the name of this tower.

Because it was so high, this tower could also be seen in other parts of the capital, but the people in the capital knew nothing about what this tower was used for.

Gao Peng glanced at him then looked at the exquisite tower again. He was silent for a long time, just when Su Yu thought he was not going to speak again, he slowly said that it was the residence of the State Teacher.

State Teacher? Su Yu’s eyes widened, there really was a State Teacher!

Because he was worried about the selection, Su Yu crammed up the laws of Da’an a few days ago. He felt that there were many unimaginable things in this Dynasty, one of which were the rules about the State Teachers.

The State Teacher of Da’an was an existence higher than the title of Qinwang. It had an unshakable position in the Da’an Dynasty, and the power of the State Teachers sometimes was even above the imperial power!

This nonsense rule would certainly cause the instability of the throne. Just imagine that before making any major decision you had to ask the State Teacher to make a divination, which was as unreliable as throwing dice!

“Brother Wan Li.” Just when he was going to ask something more. Marquis Changchun’s Shizi came up the stairs and greeted Duke Lu’s Shizi with a smile.

Seeing that the two were enjoying the cool wind, he came over naturally.

“Brother Su’s performance today really impressed me, ah.”

Su Yu laughed dryly.

“Call me Jin Tang” The two hadn’t spoken before, so having him come up and call him “Crispy Breast”[TL_Note: Sounds similar to Su Xiong(Brother)] made him a little overwhelmed by favor.

“Take advantage of today’s moon reflection day, and quickly bow to the Anguo Tower. I hope that the State Teacher’s evaluation of me will not be too ugly.” Marquis Changchun’s Shizi proposed with a smile.

The Anguo Tower was lit every seven days, which was the moon reflecting day, and the rest were stargazing days.

The State Teacher would observe the stars on top of the tower and must not be disturbed. Only when the moon shines will he receive people’s blessings and wishes.

Just then, the seven-story exquisite tower lit up, which happened to replace the setting sun and illuminated the entire Imperial Palace.

Someone in the courtyard was already kneeling in the direction of the tower. Even a little eunuch working hard bowed his head and saluted. After a pause, he continued to work.

“May my sister not get into trouble again during the selection.” Marquis Changchun’s Shizi murmured, and the eunuch he had just bribed sent a message saying that his sister was crying and kicking up a racket.

“How can a lady of a respectable family dance in public like a Geisha!”

He reported she refused to learn to dance, which gave him a headache. He now prayed for the blessing of the State Teacher, don’t let his sister be chosen.

The Emperor’s temper was notoriously bad, if she irritated the Emperor their entire family will suffer.

Those illiterate common people were easy to fool, but looking blankly at the two Young Masters kneeling down and praying devoutly, Su Yu was extremely shocked. The degree of this belief has far exceeded his understanding.

After waiting all night, the golden kitten didn’t come to him. Su Yu was a little lost and rolled by himself on the luxurious wooden bed.

Regarding the matter of the State Teacher, he really couldn’t hold it in and wanted to find someone to talk about it.

Legend has it that the previous dynasties were plagued with disasters and continuous wars, and by the end of the era, the people were in dire straits. However, the Da’an Dynasty always had good weather since its founding, with few disasters.

The people lived and worked in peace and contentment, and even the border frontiers were in peace all year round. People said because of the divine power of the State Teacher, the Da’an Royal Family was a Royal Family favored by Heaven.

Originally, he thought that this feudal superstition was nonsense, but tonight’s conversation with the two young masters revealed that the State Teacher seemed to have some incredible abilities.

For a moment, he remembered that he crossed through time and space, so this kind of strange power may really exist. Then, would the State Teacher know the way to travel back?

Thinking of this, Su Yu couldn’t help getting excited. If he had the opportunity, he must meet this State Teacher!

Listening to the wish of Marquis Changchun’s Shizi, the final election was decided by the State Teacher, could he see him at that time?

The Emperor didn’t know that his stupid slave was thinking nonsense again.

At the moment, he was frowning at the little chubby ball beside him.

“You will live in the side hall these few days, ba.” With that, he pinched the back of his neck and planned to throw it to Wang Fuhai.

The white and yellow little chubby cat clung to the cushion under his body and didn’t let go, obviously unwilling to leave.

“Your Majesty, Wangye may not want to live in the side hall.” Wang Gonggong looked at the tearful little chubby cat sympathetically.

The side hall had always been claimed to be the place for the Emperor’s cat, there was a cat nest in it, but after all, it was a decoration. Living in it was naturally not as comfortable as the Emperor’s bedroom.

“If you don’t live in the side hall, do you want to live with Us?” An Hongche was very displeased.

With his younger brother in the way here, he couldn’t turn into a cat and run to the Xunyang Palace.

That stupid slave doesn’t know what kind of stupid thing he’s doing, it’s really annoying!

“Reporting to His Majesty, Ling Qinwang is asking for an audience.” There was a report from outside the hall.

An Hongche’s eyebrows furrowed even tighter.

“Xuan!”[TL_Note: Granted!]

His Highness King Zhao hurriedly ran a few steps away, he didn’t want to live in that small side hall!

The Emperor’s bedroom was the most comfortable place in the whole palace. The whole bedroom was covered with carpets, most of the room was padded and there were complex and gorgeous silk sashes within reach.

Every time he became a cat and can’t turn back, no matter what was said, he had to sleep there.

“I, your servant, pay respects to the Emperor.” Ling Wangye made a formal salute.

“Imperial Uncle came late at night, what’s the matter? ” An Hongche was still lying lazily on the cushion.

“About today’s secondary election, there are some things to report.” Ling Wangye said solemnly.

He took the chubby cat that crawled to his side and rubbed it in his arms.

“By the way, I got a lot of good things from those foreign people this time. One of them is very interesting, and I plan to give it to give to Hongyi.”

An Hongche waved to Ling Wangye to get up and motioned Wang Fuhai to go out first.

Ling Wangye stood up. He walked casually to the Emperor, sat down on the cushion, and took out a brightly colored ball from his sleeves.

The ball was made of gold wire and was hollowed out, a jingling bell was placed in the middle, and many colorful silk ribbons were wrapped around it.

An Hongche saw this thing, and his face suddenly darkened. Before he could stop it, Ling Wangye had thrown the ball out, and he instantly turned into a big cat and ran to catch the ball.

The little chubby cat was also immediately excited and followed his Seventeenth Uncle to catch up with the noisy ball.

For a time, the quiet bedroom was full of “DingDingDangDang ” and “meow meow” sounds.

In the palace in the distance, Su Wangye looked at the selected list carefully and frowned. Talents like Su Yu must be retained, they must give greetings to the State Teacher in advance.

I believe that if Seventeenth reports to the Emperor, the Emperor will agree.

And Ling Wangye, who had the high expectations of his brother…

“Seventeenth Uncle, what did you come to report to Us?”


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<Imperial Uncles are unreliable>

Cat Gong: How is the situation in the West?

Thirteenth Uncle: Recently, there has been a flood of rabbits and mice, so Chen led the troops to barbecue

Cat Gong: How are things going in the North?

Seventeenth Uncle: A large area of dog’s tail grass has grown

Cat Gog: How is the fate of the nation lately?

State Teacher: Meow?


Wan Li->thousands of miles


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