In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 23 - Let's Eat

Soon, we’ll reach the limit, Takumi thought.

Everyone seemed to be out of breath with their shoulders rising up and down.

A pause for the stamina was a pause for the concentration.

“Let’s pull back once.”

The carbon arrow was pulled back as they retreated to the conference room.

The sound of a bell pierced their ears.

“It seems like something is happening inside. Let’s hurry.”

They finally reached the conference room, out of breath.

After opening the door, he saw Rei plunging a knife into a red mass, and Hazuki and Miu circling Daiki who was passed out on the floor.

“What happened? Is Daiki fine?”

Rei stopped his hand in the middle of a swing, and turned to face him.

“This fell down from above.”


When he looked at the ceiling, there was a big and wide hole above them.

The red mass trembled, giving them a start.

“Oh, this, please notice that it is till alive.”

What could this uncomfortable feeling be?

He remembered that Rei’s personality had definitely been timider.

Perhaps, he had grown from fighting this monster.

Though he didn’t know whether he was growing in a good direction.

“First off, I am cutting off the tendons in its limbs before tying it up since I don’t know how to kill it. Daiki is alright. Since he wasn’t scratched, he isn’t infected.”

He nodded while looking over the room.

There was one person missing.

Sakura Yamamoto.

“Where’s Sakura?”

“Since she was feeling unwell, she’s sleeping in the studio. She’s together with Senior Aso too.”

“Kazuma!? Damn it!”

He hurriedly headed for the studio.

He was a man equal to a beast.

It was evident what he would to a girl who was feeling bad.

He broke down the door to the studio.

“Senior Kazuma…”

She tried to keep in mind to not forget to switch back to feeling weak.

It was for an instant.

If she was to bite him, he would instantly become her subordinate.

She could just eat leisurely after that.

“Are you feeling alright? Your face is pale…”

It became harder to hold back his smile for every step Kazuma took.

A few steps later.

“It’s a little hot…”

She acted flirteasously on purpuse to lure him in.

It was just like a hard to please black cat was suddenly nestling up close to you.

And Kazuma didn’t notice this matter at all.

Kazuma took a step forwards.


At the same time as she got from the futon to jump him, the door to the studio was blown open.


She was standing.

What a demon.

“T-T-T-T-T-T-Tacchan! What’s going on!?”

Takumi’s gaze pierced Kazuma who had become confused.

“You… What were you going to do to Sakura.”

“I-I wasn’t going to do anything at all! Right, Sakura?”

She turned away.

Takumi should have seen that she was going to jump on him.

In that case, if she looked like she was about to be jumped on, it could have looked like she was trying to escape.

“Kazuma… You bastard…”

The murderous aura rose to the limit.

“Wai-, I didn’t…”

Immediately following, Takumi’s right straight punch sunk into Kazuma’s face.

A short time later, Tooru and his team came in, carrying zombies.

The zombie, skillfully wrapped, couldn’t twist around, and only groan because of the gag.

Shinji gave a big nod, as if he was affirming his thoughts.

Since most of the zombie’s face was eaten off, no was was sute, but it was probably not a person anyone here knew.

It seemed like they had passed it in the hallway before at most.

“First off, let’s roll this fellow to the kitchenette. Um, then, could you stand guard, Rei?”

Rei gave a big nod to Tooru’s question.

“Huh? Where’s Senior Aso?”

Takumi silently pointed behind them.


It was probably his imagination that he saw tattered clothes hanging from the wall. For sure.

Daiki was sleeping in the corner of the room.

“Well then, let’s pick up some lunch first.”

He distributed the canned food among them, but no matter what anyone said, the consumption of canned food felt fast.

It might be better to cut it down a little.

Or at the very least, he thought that the needed to have another meeting after the cleaning up of the inside of the school was over.

They weren’t in a situation where they could afford to take it easy.

And they became thirsty whenever they had canned food for dinner.

Obtaining drinkable water was another important matter.

“Um, I would like to say something.”

Rei opened his mouth.

It was very rare for Rei to start talking by himself, but there was only one reason he would have for doing so.

“About the frog?”

“Right. I think that the zombies could have originally spread from rabies.”

“Rabies, huh…”

“As soon as it saw water, it convulsed and couldn’t move anymore. It didn’t seem to have any symptoms from the wind though. It might be because the nerves don’t work.”

“Then, I wonder what would happen to zombies.”

Seiji answered, annoyed.

He didn’t actually have to be irritated, but from his tone of voice and sharp gaze, he gave off that impression.

“It’s only a possibility, but I think it’s because their eyes are blurry.”

“Eyes? What does that have to do with water?”

“Hydrophobia doesn’t mean that they have a fear for water, but they are afraid of it because water reflects light. Therefore, it might be useless for zombies to be able to see.”

“And in addition to that, it’s something we’ll figure out from doing experiments.”

Shinji said as he pushed up his glasses.

It was actually a reasonable opinion.

However, what about people interrupting someone explaining something?

Dissatisfied, Rei committed it to mermory.

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