I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 22 (Part 2)

How could Zhao Zhanhuai not be thinking of a way to deal with this?

After all, he had many things to do in the company, and he had people to meet. Also, Mingxi changed her number so it was impossible for him to contact her, neither did he have the time to wait for her at her dorm like Zhao Yuning did.

Thus, he got their nanny to pack some of Mingxi’s winter clothes and included a card with around a few tens of thousands of yuan in it. Then, he asked the driver to fetch the items and their nanny to Mingxi’s place.

This time, in order to prevent triggering Mingxi’s scorn, he didn’t ask the nanny to pass on any message. He was just worried that she would need some clothes as the days were getting colder.

After he was done relaying his request, Zhao Zhanhuai gave it some thought and felt like something was off.

This nanny has been working for them in their home for a long time, and could be considered a loyal worker. Everyone at home respected her, but as she took care of Zhao Yuan her whole life, her relationship with Zhao Mingxi was just so-so.

Zhao Zhanhuai was rarely at home, but whenever he was home, he never saw Mingxi initiate a conversation with this nanny.

If he asked the nanny to send things over, it probably won’t lead to the outcome of Zhao Mingxi retracting all the sharp edges she had placed around herself.

Thus, Zhao Zhanhuai asked his own secretary to drop by her place.

If this happened back then, Zhao Zhanhuai may not have had the time to take care of Zhao Mingxi’s emotions.

However, she was stubbornly unwilling to come home. So Zhao Zhanhuai would naturally have to spend more of his attention on her.

However, his results were the same as Zhao Yuning’s this afternoon.

The items were returned in the same way it was sent.

The nanny, Zhang Yufen, had yet to realize the seriousness of the matter. She took the items and got down the car. While she was in the parking lot, she kept on complaining to Zhao Zhanhuai, “Miss Mingxi is a tough one to serve!”

“I left the items in the car and went to look for her in school. But before I could even catch a glimpse of her, I got kicked out by a boy with red hair. Has she been mingling with the wrong crowd? Why are the students around her so unreasonable?”

“If it was Miss Zhao Yuan, she would have definitely invited me to the dorms and poured me a glass of water.”

“Alright, you head back first.” Zhao Zhanhuai could no longer control the sour expression he had on his face. He didn’t want to hear her nonsense anymore. He spoke to his secretary who had hurriedly rushed back, “Move the items to my car.”

The secretary took the items from the nanny’s arms and opened the boot to Zhao Zhanhuai’s Audi.

Before the nanny could say anything else, she got dragged away by the Zhao family’s driver.

After the both of them left, Zhao Zhanhuai looked at the things that were sent back, sealed in the same way it was sent off. He frowned and said, “Forget the fact that she is mad at us, she doesn’t even want these things anymore. The weather is unpredictable nowadays. Could this child be any more stubborn?”

“And you,” Zhao Zhanhuai turned to look at the secretary beside him. “Didn’t I tell you to catch up to them and ask to send the items yourself?”

“Your family’s driver drives too fast. I couldn’t catch up.” The secretary explained. “But there is one thing… I don’t know if I should say this.”

“What is it?” Zhao Zhanhuai was in an emotional turmoil. He turned and walked towards the elevator. “Speak your mind.”

The secretary hurriedly followed after him. He was hesitant.

Zhao Zhanhuai gave him a side eye. “What is it?”

“I’m afraid if I say it, I might be inciting your family matters.” the secretary said.

Zhao Zhanhuai raised an eyebrow. “Did you see something?”

“Yes. I don’t know why, but what I saw was different from what your nanny described. When I arrived, I saw that Zhao Mingxi did come out to greet her.”

The secretary took a peek at Zhao Zhanhuai’s expression before continuing, “The two of them were at the lowest floor of the academic building. Your family’s nanny pulled a long face and gave her the items in an enigmatic manner. I couldn't hear what she said clearly, but judging by her expression… If it was me I wouldn’t want to accept these things.”

“I think at some point your nanny said something along the lines of ‘ungrateful’, only then did Zhao Mingxi get annoyed and turned to leave. After that, she bumped into a few guys who had just returned from the school field. Then the incident of them kicking your nanny out of school happened— Also, do you know the identity of the red-haired guy your nanny was talking about?”

Zhao Zhanhuai stopped walking. He didn’t pay attention to what his secretary said after the first sentence.

He was always a gentle person, but at this moment his expression was borderline terrifying. “Li Xiao, are you speaking the truth?”

“I think there were quite a few students who watched the whole thing happen. If you don’t believe me, I can get some of them to come and verify it for you.”

Zhao Zhanhuai never thought that it would be like this!

As he was always busy with the company, he never had time to deal with the matters at home.

It was always their mother who was in charge.

If it wasn’t because Zhao Mingxi had said to sever all ties with them and caused such a ruckus this time, and that he was afraid to let his parents know about it, he would not have gotten himself involved.

However, he didn’t expect something like this to happen!

A nanny was a nanny. No matter how long she had worked for their family and they thought of her as a part of their own, she was still a nanny.

Even if Mingxi did something wrong, what right did she have to treat Zhao Mingxi like this?

Furthermore, Zhao Zhanhuai suddenly noticed a problem.

Aside from this incident, has this nanny called Zhang Yufen gone against Mingxi many times and yet no one knew about it?!

Zhao Zhanhuai was angered and frustrated. He took in a deep breath and threw his car keys to Li Xiao. Then, he turned and walked the other way.

Li Xiao quickly caught the car keys. “What are you doing? You still have a meeting to attend later.”

“Postpone the meeting. Drive the car. I need to go back and find out exactly what is going on.”


Over here, Fu Yangxi was exasperated. He rushed into the class like a powder keg, took off his jacket with a cold expression, picked up the bottle on his table and chugged a few mouthfuls of water.

When the followers in class saw how he rushed in, they were all trembling in fear. They were afraid that if they were to even bump into him he would make them go bankrupt. The follower who was sitting at the passageway hurriedly pushed his table aside, causing the ‘Xi ge’s Special Area’ to widen its horizon even more.

Zhao Mingxi and Ke Chengwen walked in.

The followers looked at Zhao Mingxi with hopeful eyes, hoping she could calm Fu Yangxi down.

When faced with pairs of eyes gleaming with the hope of survival...

Mingxi felt extremely pressured.

She walked over and looked at Fu Yangxi. After a moment of hesitation, she said, “Stop being angry. What is there to even be angry about? My nanny has always been like this.”

Fu Yangxi was in disbelief. “She squinted at you!”

“So?” Mingxi said. “She has always been cross-eyed.”

Fu Yangxi, “...”

Fu Yangxi couldn’t take it anymore. “She tossed the things to you!”

Mingxi said, “What else was she to do? Give me a fancy hand shake, twirl around and send it to me while flying?”

Fu Yangxi, “...”

Mingxi added, “Besides, you’ve already kicked her out. So stop being angry, alright?”

Although Fu Yangxi was still angry, after Mingxi’s consolation and advice, his expression softened a little.

He reached out his leg and pulled out a chair before sitting down with his arms crossed. He said, “Don’t you have my number? If something like this happens next time, just call me—” Fu Yangxi paused. Then, he coolly added, “Or Ke Chengwen.”

Ke Chengwen hurriedly said, “Yes, call me! I am always willing to help pretty girls! Your nanny is way too obnoxious! If something like this happens again just give me a call, I’ll help you teach her a lesson!”

“I’ll call Ke Chengwen then.” Mingxi felt like she shouldn’t be troubling Fu Yangxi with such small matters. If those people from the Fu family find out that she got their Young Master to deal with a nanny, who knows if they might sue her for the damage to his mental health.

She turned to look at Ke Chengwen. “I don’t have your number. Let me save it now.”

Of course Ke Chengwen would immediately take out his phone.

Fu Yangxi clenched his fists. He gave Ke Chengwen a cold glare.

Ke Chengwen pretended as if he didn’t see him. He happily exchanged phone numbers with Mingxi.

Mingxi, who had taken off her mask, was so pretty. It was worth it even if he might receive a beating from Fu Yangxi.

Fu Yangxi’s expression turned ugly again. He tossed the books around and disturbed them. “Are you guys done exchanging numbers? Class has begun! Can you at least obey the rules?”

As Mingxi wasn’t exactly afraid of him right now, she looked up at the clock hanging on top of the blackboard. She was confused. “There’s still another five minutes.”

Fu Yangxi, “...”

Once Mingxi was done exchanging numbers, she sat down, took out today’s desserts from her drawer and gave it to him. “Here you go.”

Fu Yangxi wasn’t really appeased with this. He gave Zhao Mingxi a chilly look. “You only made one portion today, right?”

Mingxi nodded obediently. “Yep, just one.”

Yesterday, she saw that she had a lot of ingredients, so she made three portions and gave the other two to Ke Chengwen and another follower who had helped her two days ago. Fu Yangxi gave her a look which was so full of envy and didn’t even pay any attention to her for the whole day. His lack of attention caused her luck to grow at a snail’s pace. Thus, Mingxi only made one portion today.

Only then did Fu Yangxi look slightly better. He accepted it, took off the lid and was about to begin eating with a small spoon.

When Ke Chengwen and the other followers behind them smelled the sweet scent of desserts, they swallowed their saliva in jealousy.

Fu Yangxi had two bites before feeling a little dissatisfied. He contemplated for a moment. Suddenly, as if he was struck by some sort of idea, he stood up abruptly with the container.

Mingxi: ?

Then, she watched as he took the desserts and left his seat. While placing a spoonful of hazelnut cream into his mouth, he walked across the passageway, taking slow steps in a circle.

He spoke confidently, “Don’t move, everyone. I’m in charge of cleaning duties today, so let me look around to check on our class’ cleanliness.”

The whole class: Go away!!

That smells so f*cking good! We’re so hungry!!

Mingxi: ...

Who was the one who said to obey the rules just now?

Fu Yangxi was satisfied. He walked back with his head held high.

Mingxi scooted over to give him some space, allowing him to get into his seat.

Mingxi looked at the dessert in his hands and asked, “Is it delicious?”

The cream of the desert in Fu Yangxi’s hands was about to be licked clean by him. He focused hard on the transparent container, twisting the small spoon in order to scrape off the last bit. He replied, “It’s so-so.”

Mingxi couldn’t help but to smile.

Mingxi used her left hand to support her head as she leaned on the table. For the first time ever, she was focusing on his features.

Although Fu Yangxi has always had that arrogant and odd-looking mop of red hair, one could easily observe from the way it was pressed down in certain places that he lacked sleep or that he didn't sleep at all. If he had slept for a short while, the short wisps of hair around his forehead would curl upwards while there would be signs of his hair being slept on from the back. However, Mingxi noticed that there was no such sign of Fu Yangxi having slept last night— Had he not slept at all yesterday?

But Mingxi didn’t know if she had the right to ask about this based on their current relationship.

Just as class was about to start, Mingxi gave it some thought and still could not help but to ask, “Why were you angrier than I was just now when we were downstairs? Could it be that you...”

Before Mingxi could finish her question, Fu Yangxi went stiff with the small spoon in his hand.

As if he had heard a joke that was so out of this world, he let out a huff and said coolly, “Don’t think too much about it. I don’t know and I didn’t! The reason why I was so angry was because you are my follower, and you were bullied right in front of my eyes. Got it?”

Mingxi contemplated his answer. Fu Yangxi seemed to treat Ke Chengwen the same. So long as he had accepted you as his follower, he would stand up for you.

Oh no, I think I’m kind of touched.

After such a long time of hard work, was she finally going to be accepted as his follower?

“Then, since when have you...” Mingxi wanted to ask Fu Yangxi since when did he treat her as his follower. Did their gang not have any rituals to perform before an acceptance? Did she not need to give them her blood to form a pact or something before joining their ranks?

Fu Yangxi’s heart was about to beat out of his chest. He hurriedly cut her off, “What do you mean ‘when’? I already said no, I haven’t li—”

He suddenly stopped.

His body went stiff.

Mingxi asked, “What?”

Fu Yangxi changed the subject awkwardly, “Laundry. I haven’t done my laundry.”

Mingxi asked again, “What?”

Mingxi wanted to continue asking, but Fu Yangxi used a book to cover his face and pushed her face lightly to the side. His pale neck was flushed red. “Why are you asking such things when class is about to start? Little Mask, you’ve been talking a lot ever since you took off your mask.”

“What in the world is a Little Mask?” While Fu Yangxi was not paying attention to her, Mingxi took the opportunity to look at him in disdain, as if asking ‘what exactly is running through your head all day?’.

If she didn’t do it now, when this overlord looks over, she will have the courage to do so anymore.

Ke Chengwen who was sitting in the row behind them stretched his head out like a tortoise out of its shell. He whispered, “That’s the nickname Xi ge got you. All his followers have a nickname.”

Mingxi, “...” What kind of an ugly name is this?


*This was already written in English.

Although it was ugly, she didn’t mind it.

“Then what do I call Fu Yangxi? Xi ge?”

Just as Ke Chengwen was about to speak, Fu Yangxi’s voice cut in from behind the book, “You can make one for me.”

“Make one for you?” Mingxi pointed at her own nose in disbelief.

Was her position ranked so high in this gang?!

Had he taken her as his left guard?!

What was she, that she could make a name for the Boss?!

But since things have come to this, she took a glance at Fu Yangxi’s red hair and said casually, “Then I’ll call you Red Fu.”

Fu Yangxi, “...”

Ke Chengwen, “...”

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