In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 22 - When the Impatient Girl Becomes a Queen

“The monster is probably not dead. I think the real body isn’t in the head, but since it’ll take a few hours to search for it, let’s make it so that it can’t move for now.”

After saying that, Rei started dissecting the monster.

After cutting up its tongue, he chopped up the limbs.

The red monster was sometimes quivering, but without showing any sign of getting up, and laid down on the floor.

Daiki didn’t have any damage to his internal organs or bones and had only lost consciousness because of a light concussion.

However, only Sakura Yamamoto was impatient.

At the moment Daiki was sent flying, the tongue had actually grazed her arm.

She could only barely hide the blood flowing and her torn uniform, and it was probably only a matter of time.

Because she had become infected.

Her field of vision grew hazy and shaky.

It was like she was suffering from a severely high fever.


Somehow keeping her calm, she brought up a topic,

“Since something suddenly happened, I’ve become tired, so is it okay if I take a short rest?”

Rei looked at her and nodded shortly.

She probably looked really tired from feeling so hazy.

She wasn’t sure what he meant, but she should take advantage of the words.

She took the futon in the studio that had gotten slightly damp from the sprinklers and moved it.


What could she do to survive?

For example, if she sacrificed everyone here, she could survive.

The fatality rate of the infection was 100%, but that shouldn’t be the case for her.

She was an object of envy and the existence of setting an example for everyone.

There was no way she would die here.

There was no mistaking it that she was loved even by god.

Therefore, she should easily be able to overcome this virus.

Her heart beat violently.

“Hah, hah…!”

Gripping the futon, she desperately endured it.

She had overcome any crisis until now.

There was no way she couldn’t overcome it now.

She was different from an ordinary person.

However, without being able of preventing her consciousness from disappearing, it dissolved into darkness.

A sudden loud sound rang, and Tooru looked around the surroundings.

It took some time before he realized that it was the fire alarm.

“Did something hit it…”

Tsubaki mumbled worridly.

Everyone there thought the same.

“Alright, I’ll go back and check the situation. I’ll come back if there’s nothing.”

Since there wasn’t any reason to turn down Kazuma’s offer, they had Kazuma go, and focused on the zombies in front of them.

“Everyone, you don’t know this person, right?”

It was a male zombie wandering around.

Rather than knowing him, it was better to say that they couldn’t know him.

His face had been brutally eaten off.

It was like he was wearing a red mask.

“Well then, I will attract him, so Senior Honma, please gag him from behind. Senior Jun, please take the legs.”

Tooru approached until he was face to face with the zombie, and the sound from him clapping his hands together once rang.


Zombie headed for him, and, seeing it coming closer with its hands stretched out, Tsubaki moved.

He brought the string in front of its face, and shoved the string in its mouth, giving him the feeling like he was strangling it.

Perhaps because of too much force being left, or because the flesh suddenly grew soft, the zombie’s front tooth fell off and lightly rolled down the hallway.

At the same time, Tooru reached out toward the zombie and gripped its hands, tying them together with a rope.

Knocking the zombie to the floor, Jun tied its legs, and the capture was a success.

They continued completing this duty several times over after that.

She opened her eyes.

Had she only lost her consciousness for a few minutes, or several hours?

Her heart started thumping.

And then, a firm feeling of satisfaction filled her body.

She rolled up her uniform to her elbow, and licked her own blood sticking to her arm.

By doing that, the gouged out wound closed, and the bleeding stopped completely as well.

The corners of her mouth tugged upwards into a grin.

“Aha, ahahahaha!”

She was adapting.

The haze in her field of vision was already clearing away, and her high fever was disappearing.


Immediately following that, a ringing tormented her ears.

And various information came flowing into her brain.

Listening carefully, it was the voices of everyone in the cleaning-up team.

She could hear the voices of the cleaning-up team from the soundproof room she was in.

Based on the state of the equipment here, she didn’t think that the soundproofing would have a defect, and her sense of hearing had probably not been raised to the max either.

In that case, was the sound hear from a third party instead of herself?

Then it could only apply to the zombie the cleaning-up team was fighting against.

She had complete control over the zombie’s hearing that had been raised to the max.


Even though she was being tormented by a headache, she couldn’t stop laughing.

She now knew that the zombie solely depended on its hearing.

At some point, this headache will probably go away too.

What she had gained was her wound healing in a few minutes, a regeneration ability to some degree, and being able to know the sound hiding zombies within dozens of meters inside the school heard.

She could most likely order them around as well.

She heard it.

The voice of the zombie wished for a command.

The zombie was waiting.

If she was to give it a command…

As expected, there was no way that infection from the frog was normal.

The virus had changed the inside body of the frog, and I adapted to the virus as well.

If she would say it, it was the superior kind among the upper kinds.

It was the same as attaining the power of a king.

She had become a queen in this moment.

The top of the crawling dead in this world.

The door opened with a click.

“Sakuraaa! Are you okaaay?”

A strangely enthusiastic boy came inside.

Was he fond of her, or just liked women?

It was most likely the latter, and the boy approached her over-familiarily.

Oh, to speak of it, she was getting hungry…

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