Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2279: Love transcending a thousand years (Part 23)

Mo Ye, Mo Ye, Mo Ye!

He was Mo Ye!  How could he do something like this?

There had to be a reason for him staying at the Splendid Moon Hall.  It seemed like she needed to meet her so-called aunt, Feng Ling Er.

As her mother’s younger sister, she completely ignored her niece who had been asleep for fourteen years.  It seemed like even after a thousand years when they became relatives.

No matter how you looked at it, the relationship between them wasn’t that good.

Otherwise even if they weren’t close relatives, she wouldn’t have gone that long without coming to see her after she woke up.

“Yes!  Rumours are rumours, how could they be true?”

“Your highness, don’t worry.  When your body is better, you can have young master Mo Ye take you out to play every day!”

“That’s right!  Whether it’s in terms of age or appearance, it’s clearly your highness that has the advantage!”


The little girls were eager to protect their master as they were thinking about her with every one of their words.

Of course, to put it in another way, it was simple flattery.  However, it didn’t sound that bad.

“Don’t compare me to her!”  Luo Qing Chen looked up and said with the aura of a princess, “She’s not qualified.”

Whether it was a thousand years before or a thousand years in the future.

Feng Ling Er would never be qualified to be compared to her, that would never change!

“Yes!  Your highness, these servants won’t dare in the future.”  They replied with bows at the same time.  Luo Qing Chen gave a nod before saying with a smile, “Even if it’s meeting this princess’ aunt, I should dress up.”

“Your highness’ meaning is……”

“Losers can’t keep losing.”


Half an hour later, the maids had carefully finished her makeup with excited looks.

Actually, this body looked quite good.  It wasn’t that cold as ice kind of look, but rather a sweetness with a bit of cuteness.

Especially the eyes.  If you took a few more looks, you would feel like all your troubles disappeared.

Mo Ye always liked staring into her eyes.  Then he would give a sigh after a while as his heart filled with sadness.

She couldn’t understand him, but looking in his eyes, there was a feeling of wanting to hug him.

She wanted to be better to him, she wanted to write a thousand year love that belonged to them.

A pity, a pity……

He didn’t seem to give her that chance.

After dressing up, she put on a moon blue dress and held an ivory handled fan in her hand.  With her long hair combed into a bun, she had a chrysanthemum patterned hairpin inserted inside.

She rarely dressed up this luxuriously, this could be considered the first time.

After all, she was about to ‘fight’ and if she didn’t dress up enough, she would be beaten in seconds.

She only brought two maids and passed through the gardens, heading towards Feng Ling Er’s Splendid Moon Hall.

Standing outside the hall, she had to admire Feng Ling Er’s popularity.

There was a mountain of gifts and because of the restrictions of the palace, the young masters and noble sons weren’t even able to enter the palace every day.

They could only send their gifts through relations to express their feelings.

But Feng Ling Er didn’t even look at this large pile of gifts.  That was how people were, the more people that liked them, the less they cared.

There were so many people that liked her, but she insisted on keeping Mo Ye.

“Your highness, are we……”  Seeing that she was standing there, the maid came forward to ask, “Are we still going in?”

She took a deep breath before raising her head a bit, “Of course.”

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