Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2286: Love transcending a thousand years (Part 30)

Luo Qing Chen was frozen in place at that moment.

The feeling of aggrievement surged in her heart, hitting her heart again and again.

“Mo Ye.”  She bit her lip and took the jar of pear blossom wine from the table with her right hand, throwing it in his face without a word.

The rich fragrance of pear blossom wine filled the entire Splendid Moon Hall and she pursed her lips to say, “I understand.”

She didn’t know what she understood at that moment, but she just wanted to say these words, she wanted to say them to Mo Ye.

Feng Lin gEr was also doused in wine, but her expression wasn’t angry.  Instead she revealed a delicate appearance as she leaned in Mo Ye’s arms to say in a soft voice, “Truly a waste of good wine.”

She didn’t know how she left the Splendid Moon Hall, she just knew that she was truly angry.

It seemed like 30% affection was nothing in Mo Ye’s heart.  After coming through a thousand years, she couldn’t even compare to Feng Ling Er.

“Your highness, don’t be angry!  We don’t care about that wine!”

“Right!  It’s not good for your body to be angry.  Don’t look at how this miss Feng lis loved by many, her reputation is actually bad enough!”

“I heard that the general that she loved fell in love with the empress and she changed since then.”


She didn’t care about the gossip of the maids, but when she heard the empress mentioned, she was a bit interested.

“General?  What general?”  Luo Qing Chen sat down cross legged, still feeling depressed.

But when she calmed down, she would think of Mo Ye’s eyes.  She felt that there were complicated emotions in those dark eyes.

It was like a thousand years ago when he looked at her, hiding countless things in his heart.

But she was still very angry, so why wouldn’t she engage in something like gossiping about Feng Ling Er that would make her happy?

“It was general Gu Zhao who never lost, the general who died on the battlefield.”

Over the next hour, Luo Qing Chen listened to the love and hate relationship between the general, Feng Ling Er, and her mother.

General Gu Zhao were childhood friends with the two sisters.  Her mother Feng Xin Er was a very quiet woman and Feng Ling Er was the opposite, she liked showing off and was more active.

But Gu Zhao liked quiet women and liked Feng Xin Er since they were young, even hoping to marry her when they grew up.

It was a pity that people liked taking excellent things and they were excellent people.

Different from Feng Ling Er, the ones that loved Feng Xin Er were deeply infatuated people and the second one was the current emperor Luo Yu.

Falling in love at first sight and being conferred as the empress.  Abandoning the harem and only having a single lover.

That was what Luo Yu did after marrying Feng Xin Er.

Gu Zhao had seen all of this.  He knew that the emperor would be good to her, so he could only tearfully let go in the end.

He kept asking for battles, going to the greatest battles with fewer troops.

The smaller countries they bordered were frightened by his name.  Since he couldn’t marry her, he would protect her and her country.

As long as the country became better, she would be better.

Feng Xin Er wanted to betroth her little sister Feng Ling Er to him several times, but Gu Zhao always refused this.

He said, “This life has already been difficult, I ask the empress not to make this minister do what he doesn’t want to do.”

She couldn’t force him in the end.  After all, if she couldn’t accept his feelings, it wouldn’t be fair to Gu Zhao if she pushed them onto someone else.

But Feng Xin Er never expected that in a battle the next year, Gu Zhao would die.

She didn’t even get to see him one last time……

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