Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2287: Love transcending a thousand years (Part 31)

“So I heard that there had always been a knot in miss Feng’s heart because when the corpse was brought back, general Gu Zhao was tightly holding a pendant with the word ‘Xin’ on it.”

“Humph!”  Luo Qing Chen gave a snort and said with a proud look, “That general Gu and my father had discerning eyes, how could they be like that Mo Ye!”

Thinking of Mo Ye’s reluctance over that pear blossom wine, her heart filled with sadness!

Isn’t it just some wine!  He wasn’t like this when he gave her the peach blossom wine that day!

“Actually, this servant looked closely!  That young master Mo really is similar to general Gu Zhao!”  One of the maids said, “It seems right if you think about it.  So many people have fallen under miss Feng’s skirt, so why did young master Mo succeed!”

“Ah!  Not listening, not listening!”  Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows and covered her ears, “Who said that Mo Ye succeeded!  I feel that things aren’t as simple as they seem.”

Although Mo Ye’s actions seemed to prove that ‘his personally brewed wine must be drunk by the people he cherished and couldn’t be shared with others’.

But if you looked at it closely, one would find that it was a bit strange.

It’s just some wine, Mo Ye didn’t seem like that kind of stubborn person.

How could he do something so unbelievable?  When she calmed down and thought about it, she felt that it didn’t make sense.

But she couldn’t find the reason.

“Reporting to the princess, eunuch Lin is here to see you.”

“Eunuch Lin?”  Luo Qing Chen was surprised by this.  She had been thinking about something, but now that she had been interrupted, her memory had short circuited.

The maid could see her confusion and explained, “It’s the eunuch Lin that follows the emperor.”

“Oh, oh, what is it?”

“He is passing down the emperor’s orders to have the princess go to the Supreme Hall.”

Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows with a bit of confusion, but she still gave a nod, “Understood, let him wait a bit.”

After changing her clothes, she took a peach blossom coloured umbrella as she headed to the Supreme Hall.

In the days that she had been recuperating in the Supreme Hall, her parents had come to see her every day.  There were times that they silently came when she was sleeping, but she knew all about this.

Being able to receive more love than a normal family in the palace like this, she was very satisfied.

It was just that the road of her love was a bit bumpy……

But why did they suddenly want her to go to the Supreme Hall?

This answer was made clear when she approached the Supreme Hall.

Because before she could come in, there was a person who appeared out of nowhere that gave her a hug.

Then they said in a happy tone beside her ear, “Little girl Qing Chen, you’re finally awake!”

Of course, before Luo Qing Chen could see what that person looked like, she knocked him to the ground with a single punch.

“Who!”  Luo Qing Chen angrily roared out.  She almost took the Phoenix Dance Sword from the storage space and put it against his neck.

“Aiyo!”  Murong Nan cried out in pain before saying with a bitter look, “Stop hitting, it’s me, it’s me!”

“You…..Who are you?”  Luo Qing Chen was a bit embarrassed when she saw the swelling on the right side of his face, as well as the sliver of blood that came out the side of his mouth.

But it couldn’t be blamed on her.  A strange person suddenly came out of nowhere to hug her, it was inevitable that she would resist, alright?!

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