Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2294: Love transcending a thousand years (Part 38)

Ten days.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t see Mo Ye in these ten days and Mo Ye never came to see her.

He would still go to the Splendid Moon Hall each day with a jug of wine, never stopping.

Feng Ling Er looked at him with a grateful look, “You really are good for me.  When the emperor’s anger has passed, I will ask my big sister for mercy and then……”

She paused before saying, “You will marry me!”

She shyly lowered her head after saying this with a hopeful look in her charming eyes.

“Do you still remember the Mid Autumn Festival banquet?”  Mo Ye’s expression didn’t change at all.  His deep eyes started at her, as if it was about to swallow her.

Feng Ling Er was surprised and seemed to remember that Mo Ye had asked this question before.

Since Luo Qing Chen had also been there, she didn’t care about Mo Ye’s question.  Now that he was asking it again, she felt that it was quite familiar.

“Could it be……”  She looked at him with a look of anticipation, “We met before?”

Could it be that the Mid Autumn Festival banquet Mo Ye mentioned was where they met for the first time?

There were many men who loved her, but since she had a cold nature, most of the people that loved her had died in battle or she didn’t care about those men.

Only when Mo Ye appeared did she rekindled the warmth of her heart.

This man who was very similar to Gu Zhao was this kind to her, becoming a winemaker just because he knew that she liked to drink.

Even when she was under house arrest, he still came every day unlike all those people who used to say that they loved her.

He was better than Gu Zhao to her, much better……

No matter what, Gu Zhao only had Feng Xin Er in his eyes and heart back then, he wasn’t like Mo Ye who was only good to her.

Even if the princess was interested in him, he responded with indifference.

Finally……she had won once, won against that face……

“He, he.”  He gave two laughs before shaking his head, “No.  I just heard some people mention that there was a girl who could dance the Night Star Dance very well in Long Peace City.”

“That was me!  That was me!”  Feng Ling Er said twice as she revealed a proud smile, “There’s no one who can dance the Night Star Dance better than me in the entire city.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes!  Many people have fallen under my skirt because of this dance.”

With a faint smile from her, Mo Ye no longer replied.

Because there was a person that had once madly fallen in love with her because of her dance.

But in the end, he had died on the road of loving her.

Feng Ling Er didn’t even know that person’s name, let alone their appearance.

Seeing that Mo Ye didn’t say anything else, she said, “When we get married, I’ll show you that dance, alright?”

“Alright.”  He replied with a faint smile.

Today was already the tenth day.  He knew that this woman named Feng Ling Er would never be able to dance again in her life.

Actually, Feng Ling Er never noticed that her face was already getting paler and she was getting skinnier.  Whether it was her hands or feet, there were parts that were already turning purple.

She didn’t notice these changes at all.  She thought that her life was sad, so that was why she looked so bad.

Actually, she didn’t even know that she had already been poisoned.


The wine that Mo Ye gave her every day was poisoned.  It was a kind of long term poison that was colourless and odorless, it even couldn’t be discovered with a silver needle

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