Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2295: Love transcending a thousand years (Part 39)

Mo Ye wanted her to die.  It wasn’t that he didn’t have a reason, he had a reason that she had to die.

Going back to last year’s Mid Autumn Festival, his senior brother You Ran was also a fortune teller, but he was one without any fame or skills.

A great talent was needed for this profession, one had to be able to keep reading the path of the stars to calculate the various destinies that appeared.

It was a pity that You Ran didn’t have this talent or drive.

His one advantage was his kindness!

Mo Ye had been with senior brother for many years and they were very close.  He never scolded anyone and when someone needed his help, he would do all he could to help them.

In his eyes, You Ran was like a big brother from next door.  He helped him with his studies, invited him to drink, and listened to his thoughts.

It was a pity that this kind of good person didn’t have a good end.

At the Mid Autumn Festival last year, after seeing Feng Ling Er’s Night Star Dance, he had been enamoured.  He had falling in love with this ‘worn down woman’ the commoners described and there was no cure.

For Mo Ye, he didn’t like someone with Feng Ling Er’s personality and also looked down on her.

Every person had the right to choose and Feng Ling Er had the right to live the way that made her happy.

But this happiness shouldn’t be built on the lives of others, especially his friend, his dearest senior brother.

He clearly remembered that You Ran was very excited the day he came back from the Mid Autumn Festival and kept describing the amazing scene that he saw.

He had also been happy for him at that time.  This was the first time someone as honest and kind as him had fallen in love with someone.

But the next day, when he went to look for Feng Ling Er, he didn’t come back.

On the third day, the government office wanted him to claim a corpse, one that had its throat pierced by a sword.

He heard that Feng Ling Er had invited many guests for a performance and the one who caught her eyes would get to go on a river cruise with her.

You Ran was an honest person and he didn’t have any specialties other than being kind.  He didn’t know how he would catch Feng Ling Er’s eyes.

He could only wait until the most powerful person was chosen and then defeat him.

In the end, Feng Ling Er chose a person who could ‘swallow swords’.  He put a meter long sword into his mouth and could take it all out, which had stunned everyone present.

“What is one meter, I can swallow a two meter sword.”

It so happened that the acrobat had a longer sword.  Although it wasn’t two meters, it was still much longer than the previous sword.

You Ran held his breath and swallowed it.

But the damage caused by the sword wasn’t reversible.  Even if You Ran was careful, he still cut himself.

When he pulled out the sword, it was already covered in blood.

The acrobat said with a stunned look, “You have skills!”

As soon as his voice fell, he angrily left.

You Ran thought that since he did so much, Feng Ling Er would agree to go on a river cruise with him.

He never thought that she would just look at him spitting out blood in disgust, “Truly bad luck.”

After saying this, she left without even turning back.

The men by her side followed her and there was only You Ran left alone in that place.

He could no longer hold it back and spat out a large mouthful of blood.

He could already calculate his own fate, but if he could be alone with Feng Ling Er in his life, it was worth it even if he died.

But he never thought that it was all his wishful thinking.

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