Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2296: Love transcending a thousand years (Part 40)

He didn’t go back to the sect that night, he went to a crematorium three miles outside Long Peace City.

This was a place filled with resentment.  He laid by a coffin as he died, feeling remorse, hatred, and love in his heart.

It turned out that not every love in this world could reach an end.  It turned out that even if he gave sincerity, it wouldn’t be worth anything in the other person’s eyes.

But he……couldn’t go back again.

He knew that he was about to die……

To die in a place filled with resentment like this should be the final destination of a fortune teller.

His corpse was found the next day and sent to the government office.

The government office told him that the corpse was found in the crematorium and sent to them.  They asked Mo Ye if he needed an autopsy.

Mo Ye took a look and his eyes filled with hatred which quickly faded before turning ice cold.

He calmly shook his head and said, “No need.”

As a fortune teller, he could tell how he had died with a single look.

The only person who could cause his death like this was Feng Ling Er.

There were countless wounds all over his body, all caused by a sword.  They took his life bit by bit, what cruel torture this was.

In that dark crematorium, no one replied and only death awaited him.

Seven days later, Mo Ye, dressed in white went to the crematorium alone.

He vowed that he would avenge You Ran and use the most cruel method to kill Feng Ling Er.

Heavenly Mountain Begonia.

The sect’s unique slow acting poison.  Once a person took it for a month, they would certainly die.

This poison was colourless and odorless.  It would slowly torture the person after a month, bit by bit, day after day of pain and torture.

Until the final day when the internal organs turned to blood and only the bone and skin were left.

He vowed that he would use this method to bury Feng Ling Er.

But he never thought that he would meet Luo Qing Chen along the way.

It was the most beautiful accident in his life.


After those ten days, Mo Ye never went to see Feng Ling Er again.

She got thinner and thinner as she waited for him to come, but Mo Ye never came.

Ten days later, when Luo Qing Chen thought Mo Ye would come, she only received a letter from him.

The content of the letter was very short, but Luo Qing Chen almost cried when she saw his exquisite writing.

——Although it is very hard, it’s easier to write it than to say it.  I couldn’t keep my promise because I am not worthy of you.

You will soon know how cruel of a person I am.

And he……is a good person.  I already know the matter of Hua Shang.  With a good man at your side, there is no need for others.

I will protect you for a long, long time, until you no longer need me.  ——Mo Ye.

Luo Qing Chen already knew about the matter of Hua Shang.

Murong Nan found her the day after and told her everything.

He said that he was a bad person and had let Hua Shang down.  Because Hua Shang was similar to her, he cared more about her.

But some people weren’t satisfied and wanted more and more things.

Hua Shang wanted to become his crown prince, but he refused.

She did many wrong things and killed many people, so he had no choice but to punish her.

Although the story was very short, the kind hearted Murong Nan still felt that he had caused her death.

If he hadn’t treated Hua Shang differently in the beginning, then she wouldn’t have thought that much and walked down this path of death.

So that was why he had panicked when those two words were said that day.

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