Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2298: Love transcending a thousand years (Part 42)

When they came out of the Splendid Moon Hall, the cold wind stopped.

Luo Qing Chen looked at her right hand and the blood on it was still a bit sticky.

Murong Nan quickly grabbed her hand and started running, only stopping when they reached the royal gardens.

“That scared me to death!”  He patted his chest and said, “Although I don’t believe that those things exist in this world, that really was just too strange!  If I’m not with you in the future, you can’t go there.”

Luo Qing Chen’s calm expression sank as she knitted her brows, “Perhaps it does exist.”

Since this was a world with fortune tellers, it wasn’t strange if certain things did exist.  Let alone that she had confirmed it with her own eyes when she had been in the Splendid Moon Hall.

Feng Ling Er’s soul, covered in blood, had been standing outside the window.

She had been staring right at her, wanting to scare her.  But she revealed a faint smile, not showing a trace of fear.

“Girl, you……what did you say existed?”  Murong Nan still hadn’t recovered and looked at her in disbelief.

Luo Qing Chen said with a serious look, “Vengeful spirits.”

“There really are……ghosts in this world?”

“There are fortune tellers, it isn’t strange if there are ghosts.”  Luo Qing Chen nodded and said, “But it’s just a vengeful spirit, it’s only a bit difficult to deal with.”

Fortune tellers predicted the future, connecting the yin and yang of the two worlds.  Ghosts would exist in any dimension, whether they could be seen or not.

“You’re saying Feng, Feng, Feng, Feng, Feng……Feng Ling Er became a vengeful spirit?”  Murong Nan didn’t have any confidence when he said these words!”

It seemed like he really was afraid of things like ghosts.

Actually, Luo Qing Chen wasn’t afraid.  After all, these things weren’t strange, but she didn’t know how much she could handle.

Facts proved that she underestimated Feng Ling Er as a vengeful spirit.

Because over the next month, she suffered seven accidents and each time she was barely saved.

“Little girl, it seems like Feng Ling Er wants you!”  Murong Nan looked at her with a very worried look, “Although you always get saved, it’s clear that she wants to hurt you.  How about we find a taoist to come and exorcise the ghost for you!”

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes as a trace of doubt appeared in them.

After a while, she said with a bitter laugh, “It turned out that you never left……”

“Ah?  Who are you saying never left?”

“It’s not that I’m lucky, but since the flower pot fell the first time to the fire this time, it wasn’t luck at all.”  She pursed her lips as a faint sparkle appeared in her eyes, “It’s because of Mo Ye.”

The letter seemed to be parting, but you could find some clues if you read carefully.

He was a fortune teller, naturally he could tell that Feng Ling Er became a vengeful spirit after dying, so he said that he would leave her.

Actually, he wanted to use a secret method to protect her, so that she would be saved every time something dangerous happened.

“Mo……Didn’t young master Mo already leave?”  Murong Nan’s eyes were a bit cold.  Seeing her tearful eyes, he couldn’t help feeling a bit uncomfortable.

He thought that there was hope for him since Mo Ye left, but even when he stayed with her, she seemed to take him as a good friend.

But he insisted because he believed that sincerity was best.

But seeing her eyes, Murong Nan understood that Luo Qing Chen whose heart was filled with Mo Ye would never fall in love with him.

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