Befriending the Most Powerful Person

Chapter 23.3

The group suddenly revealed expressions of disgust as they left, leaving the thin and weak youth to wearily crawl up. An icy light glazed his expressionless face.

That’s right, this youth was Caesar....

Shao Ci was stupefied. Why did he dream about Caesar getting beaten up? Were his grievances so deep that he dreamed about it?

Shao Ci hesitated before walking over. Suddenly, the scene changed again and now the group that humiliated Caesar all laid on the ground, covered in blood. Their organs were all pulled out and scattered everywhere, a scene so gruesome that it needed to be censored.

A slightly older version of Caesar stood in the middle, a splatter of blood marring his angel like face. He slowly wiped the blood off his face, “...Now, it’s finally quiet.”

This scene could be directly casted as a clip from a horror movie.

Shao Ci took a few steps back in fear. Why is he having a dream like this?! He can’t get a break even in his dreams?!

Shao Ci wasn’t really afraid of scary or bloody movies since after all, he knew that they were all fake. However, this scene looked so real that just the sight of it made Shao Ci’s heart shiver.

This scene soon turned into fog and faded away, replaced by a cool wind. Goosebumps suddenly formed on the back of Shao Ci’s neck as he swiftly turned around.

The sight before his eyes changed again, this time to a grand, dimly-lit hall. A young man sat on the gold-colored throne in black, formal robes. His hands rested on the throne as he regarded Shao Ci with a slight smile: “You’re here.”

Now that things have already reached this point, if Shao Ci couldn’t guess what happened, he’d might as well just jump off a building. He became a little braver when he realised that he couldn’t be bitten to death in a dream and asked, “Why did I dream about that stuff? Am I still dreaming right now?”

“Yep, still dreaming, only… now you’re in my dream.” Caesar propped his head up with his hand, “I left some of my spirit power on you last time so it’s easy to do something like this.”

Shao Ci: “!!” Although the settings did say that the higher the grade, the stronger constitution and spirit power the Zergs had and that the King could even use his spirit power to control other Zergs, Shao Ci had never seen it in action. He didn’t expect that his first experience with it would be like this…

“Come to my side.” Caesar extended his hand to Shao Ci.

Although Shao Ci didn’t want to, he couldn’t control his body as he moved to sit on Caesar’s lap, half his body leaning in Caesar’s embrace.

What kind of shame play was this!! If he could, Shao Ci would’ve immediately jumped off, but he couldn’t beat Caesar’s control. All he could do was sit obediently in his lap.

“Good boy.” Caesar smiled and landed a kiss on Shao Ci’s cheeks, “Are you scared of me? You’re trembling.”

Shao Ci was reaching his limits: “No… I just don’t know why you treat me differently.”

Suddenly, Shao Ci remembered his daily task of ‘praising the target and making them happy’ and immediately said: “You’re so amazing and perfect that I can’t help but feel ashamed of myself in front of you. Just standing in front of you makes me feel embarrassed…”

These corny lines made Shao Ci a little sick but fortunately, Caesar looked much happier after hearing them and the task was completed.

“Of course not… you have a very pleasant scent. Furthermore, at that time… you were the first to reach out to me.” Caesar said gently, “You are very gentle and treated me so kindly… and it was very cute when you revealed your special ability to me the first time we met.”

Shao Ci was speechless. He didn’t have to add the last line, alright??

“This is the first time I used this ability… before, there was never anyone who made me want to use it.” Caesar’s voice was soft: “But because of that, my control is a little lacking so it looks like I also dragged you into a few things. I hope I didn’t scare you.”

You didn’t just scare me, you practically scared me to death!

Shao Ci: “It’s, it’s fine… but those people, they said…” something that was very interesting.

“Oh, you heard it.” Caesar said casually, “That’s right, my Mother was also an inferior Zerg.”

Shao Ci instantly regretted it. Hold on, wouldn’t this be a secret of the Imperial Family where whoever knew would be silenced? Now that he knew, could he still live?

“Although she was an inferior Zerg, she was astonishingly beautiful so an aristocrat sent her to my Father-Emperor as a present. Of course, a present like that was very disrespectful so usually, the inferior Zerg would’ve been killed and the aristocrat heavily punished.” Caesar sounded like he was telling someone else’s story, narrating everything calmly: “But because of my Mother’s beauty, Father-Emperor was moved and secretly let her stay. However, this incident was truly too shameful so even if Mother was transformed by the sacred stone, she was still considered the disgrace of the Imperial Palace.”

Shao Ci: “...” My god, this was really a dog-blooded plot.

> TL’s note: dog blood means melodramatic, contrived, cliche, etc.

“Although she was favored for a while because of her beauty, this favor didn’t last.” Caesar continued: “My Mother died after giving birth to me. Although I had the imperial bloodline, I had an invisible birth defect. Father-Emperor believed this was because my Mother used to be an inferior Zerg and treated me with disgust.”

Shao Ci was just wondering if he should be comforting Caesar when he suddenly saw a sneer appear on his face: “So what if he hated me, he still ended up dying under my hands. Everyone who had once humiliated me has already left this world.”

Shao Ci felt he was about to join them. This was something an outsider absolutely shouldn’t know, ok! It was all because he couldn’t stop blabbing QAQ.

“It doesn’t matter. Don’t be afraid, I won’t kill you.” Caesar sharply sensed Shao Ci’s change and smiled slightly, “I’m still waiting for you to become my Empress, you know?”

Shao Ci: “...”

Wait a moment? Was something wrong with his ears? Why did he just hear some super scary and dramatic lines?!

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