Befriending the Most Powerful Person

Chapter 23.2

Yi Silei talked to himself for a while before contentedly hugging Shao Ci on the bed to sleep. Of course, he was the only one satisfied. Shao Ci’s entire body hurt so he took advantage of when Yi Silei was asleep to squirm out of his embrace before drifting off.

Even if he had bigger nerves, he still couldn’t bear getting shocked while trying to sleep. Although, after getting electrocuted for so long, he’s starting to get used to it...

“This won’t work… I have to escape.” When Shao Ci thought of Yi Silei’s dog-like behaviour yesterday, he felt a chill run through his heart. Besides, his apprehensiveness was secondary, the most important problem was that he couldn’t fulfill his daily tasks here!

Shao Ci arduously moved his body and heard something collide with a jingle. He immediately had a bad feeling as he looked down- sure enough, his ankles had been unknowingly restrained with a pair of silver shackles which were firmly connected to the wall.

These shackles were created by the newest synthetic alloy. It was impossible to remove without a key.

Shao Ci’s face turned dark: “...” Of course, of course, how could it ever be that easy to escape… with how crazy Yi Silei freaked out yesterday, it’d be strange if he didn’t do anything today.

He heard the door open and crisp footsteps sound in the air, approaching him.

“You’re awake?” Yi Silei entered with a plate of food and pulled open the curtains, directly sitting by Shao Ci’s side. His voice was warm as he spoke: “From today on, you won’t have to go to work. I can just take care of you.”

“Then what, cough, cough, what about your work?” Shao Ci opened his mouth and found his voice was extremely hoarse. It was probably because he cried too much yesterday.

Wait, after everything that happened last night, why did Yi Silei look so normal today? That’s even more scary!

“I can also do my work here. It’s not as important as being with Little Ci.” Yi Silei casually skipped over the question as he took the bowl of congee and brought the spoon near Shao Ci’s lips: “You didn’t eat yesterday so you’re probably hungry now. You have to eat some.”

And just who’s fault was that?!

Although Shao Ci was secretly rampaging, he wouldn't waste the food that was right at his mouth. Besides, he really was hungry. With sudden obedience, he opened his mouth and swallowed the delicious congee, a sense of satisfaction filling his empty stomach.

...Although there were some very big problems with other things, Yi Silei’s cooking skills were absolutely top notch!

After Shao Ci drank all the gruel, Yi Silei put the bowl back on the tray before picking a cup of hot water to feed him. Once the water was finished, he reached out to help wipe the water stain at Shao Ci’s lips.

Shao Ci subconsciously tried to stop him, making Yi Silei’s eyes darken. He pushed him down, not allowing any room for refusal as he directly licked the water off Shao Ci’s lips before picking up the tray and leaving with a slight smile on his lips.

Shao Ci almost screamed. Even though he didn’t really, his body was still covered in cold sweat and his spirits were much lower.

He definitely couldn’t go on like this! Even if Yi Silei thought he was still an inferior Zerg and wouldn’t papapa, if he kept getting touched like this every day, he’ll definitely be electrocuted into a fool!

Shao Ci examined himself. The biggest change after evolving into an ordinary Zerg was that he finally had an estrus and the ability to breed. His strength and five senses also made a huge leap but forcibly breaking free of the shackles would be impossible.

Apart from that, there was only the plugins the system installed on him which made him look more sincere (with zero increase in combat power) and have the ability to heal (which made Zergs go into estrus- it’s better to not use it at all).

Shao Ci didn’t even dare to use his healing power on himself. What if he wasn’t careful and sent himself into estrus… then that would really be a joke.

Basically after summing everything up, Shao Ci had no choice but to admit that his fighting power didn’t even reach 5! What escaping, that’s just a pipedream!

It looks like today’s stupid daily task of praising and making the target happy is impossible to finish.

Shao Ci’s face turned even uglier. The system’s punishments were absolutely awful; although it wasn’t physical like the electric shocks when he touched Yi Silei, the psychological torment was far worse than the shocks.

Shao Ci still remembered the time he ignored Chu Jin and just stayed in the base to sleep. After he failed the mission, his consciousness was transported to a space where he was forced to experience the previous day countless times. Even though he knew everything that was about to happen, he still had to do them and when he fell asleep, he would wake up to do the exact same things all over again.

This kind of punishment was even more frightening than pain. Shao Ci didn’t know how many times he had to go through that day before he finally woke up. He would much rather stick to that asshole Chu Jin a hundred times than go through that punishment again.

But right now… Shao Ci thought of the countless shocks yesterday and wished he could just ram himself into the wall and die.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps sounded. Shao Ci’s face turned pale when he thought of what weird things Yi Silei might say or do and hurriedly laid down, pretending to sleep.

However, Shao Ci forgot how weak he was to the bed’s temptation and instantly fell asleep...

He felt the world spin as he opened his eyes and found himself surrounded in fog, sitting in front of the garden he tended to every day in the palace.  

“Am I dreaming?” Shao Ci wondered.

He actually even dreamed of the garden… suddenly, Shao Ci felt like he was really a dedicated worker. Although the garden became much uglier after being pruned by him, it couldn’t erase the fact that he had really worked hard!

So Shao Ci walked forward proudly, wanting to appreciate the fruits of his labour when he suddenly saw a frightening sight.

On the garden lawn, a youth laid limp on the ground, being kicked around by a group of youths. Although their faces were blurred, it was clear from their clothes that they were aristocrats.

“You’re just a blind cripple, who do you think you are?”

“So what if you’re a Prince, nobody will care even if we beat you to death.”

“With such a lowborn mother, it’s already a miracle that you haven’t been driven away… oi, how dare you bite me!”

The group suddenly turned furious as their beating turned even more vicious. The thin and weak youth in the middle gritted his teeth and bore it: “Can’t… you guys can’t call my mother lowborn.”

“She is lowborn, but you won’t let us say the truth?”

“That lowborn blood also flows in his veins… how disgusting.”

“Let’s stop beating him up, it feels kind of gross.”

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