Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 23 - Chili

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Chapter 23 - Chili

On the following afternoon, the final list was announced.

There was a large number of candidates, and the nobles and civil officials’ children added up to nearly 100 people, but it was difficult to get more than half of the picky royal clan members to give the “upper” evaluation.

In the end, the number of people who could enter the final election was less than a handful.

The civil official’s children were fine, after all, they still had to rely on the Imperial Examination to go on their official careers.

The noble’s children were different, their future prospects completely depended on the Imperial grace, therefore they were exceptionally interested in the results. Even the always calm Duke Lu’s Shizi went downstairs early to see the results.

Su Yu sorted out his luggage before he slowly went to see the list.

In the main hall of the Xunyang Palace, a five-foot-long red silk was hung, on which everyone’s results were densely written. All the ratings by the ten royal clan members and Qinwangs were written clearly on it.

“That fish killer is here…” As soon as he approached, someone pointed at Su Yu.

Everyone looked at him with a strange expression, even Duke Lu’s Shizi couldn’t help looking at him.

The corners of Su Yu’s mouth twitched. The Da’an royal family was really “fair, just and open”, he thought that he could go after reading the list, who expected that they would publish the results, he was not even allowed to be humiliated in a discreet manner.

Whoever won the election would have their name written in red ink, naturally, it would be particularly prominent. Su Yu was a little unwilling to see his grades, so he simply went to see the winner first.

Gao Peng, Upper, Upper, Upper, Middle, Middle, Upper, Upper, Upper, Upper, Upper, Upper, Middle.

Cen Musheng, Upper, Middle, Upper…

There were less than ten names written in red ink, all of which were amazing characters.

Su Yu thought it was expected until he saw the last name Su Yu, Lower, Lower, Lower, Middle, Upper, Upper, Middle, Lower, Lower, Superior, Superior… Eh?

It was of course a spectacle too horrible to look at, but because both Wangye's gave a “Superior” evaluation, they made an exception and accepted him.

Performing fish-killing techniques and he could unexpectedly be selected!

Until he stood in the Imperial Garden again, Su Yu was still a little confused, he felt that the royal family was surely joking.

In any case, the selection will continue. Those who lost the election left the palace on the same day, while Su Yu, who was the first to pack up his bags, was taken to the Imperial Garden to continue the selection.

The final selection was decided by the two Wangye’s and the result was handed over to the State Teacher for evaluation.

Many people had no hope of passing the final election. It was said that the State Teacher of this generation was indifferent by nature and very harsh, so it was almost impossible to pass his test.

On the Imperial Concubine Selection three years ago, the State Teacher gave everyone a “Lower” evaluation, and no male Imperial Concubine was selected.

However, if you could get a word from State Teacher, even an “Acceptable” was enough to bring glory to the family.

Everyone was led to a side chamber, which was full of all kinds of strange things.

“These are the treasures obtained by me and Seventeenth Brother in foreign countries. Each of you chooses one and says its purpose. Right or not, good or bad, it is up to the State Teacher to decide.” Su Wangye pointed to the objects in the hall and beckoned everyone to choose at will.

Su Yu frowned slightly. Such an open-ended topic was really hard to say. After he swept his gaze through these things once, there was jewelry, calligraphy and paintings, medical ingredients, linen, and so on in the hall.

The most precious ones were the ones that the eunuchs were especially holding, such as the radiant “Musk Moon Bow” and in addition the formidable Qingcong Horse。

“For some of these objects, even this Wangye doesn’t know what they’re for.” Ling Wangye smiled.

“If you say it well, the thing you choose will be bestowed as a reward.”

Hearing that the selected things could be taken away, Su Yu’s eyes lit up. You know, foreign things have always been precious, and the tributes brought by the Wangye were even more valuable!

The eyes of Duke Lu’s Shizi had been glued to the Qingcong Horse and couldn’t move.

After Yang Gonggong read out the rules, he walked with great strides and took the reins in the hands of the little eunuch as if he had seen a peerless beauty, touching the beautiful mane, and he loved it too much to part with it.

The others were much more cautious and took their time in the hall to examine everything.

This topic seems simple, but in fact, it had a profound connotation. To say the purpose of an object, it must not be just about how to use it.

To put it more clearly, why do you choose such a thing for, yourself or for your country; In the future, what can these foreign objects bring to the royal family and to the Da’an Dynasty.

The smarter the person is, the more they think about it. These proud sons of heaven frowned tightly and fell into a state of anxiety, for a while, it was so quiet in the hall that you could hear a pin drop… Which was more valuable?

Some of these treasures were a single piece, and some were packed in containers, but without exception, all were beautifully packaged. Except for a straw basket in the corner, which looked a little out of place.

According to the common saying, the more tattered it looks, the more likely it is to be the most valuable treasure.

Su Yu walked over curiously, lifted his hand, and scraped up the hay on it, guessing what kind of rare treasure it was.

Then he saw a basket of bright red, glossy, glistening …chili….


As a Sichuan-style cook, days without chili were like years!

Su Yu felt a “hum” in his head, and he hugged the tattered straw basket and didn’t let go. When he came back to his senses, the time for selection was over.

If you choose a Qingcong Horse, you can gallop on the battlefield and protect our homes and defend the country.

Choose the Musk Moon Bow, you could naturally bend the bow and kill the enemy bravely;

Choose the chili…

“This student has once read this in the books.” The young master of the Minister of Rites held a snow lotus from Tianshan Mountain with deep feelings and solemnity.

“This is an immortal object from the snowy mountains. Legend has it that it was a jade hairpin left behind in the mortal world by the gods of heaven. It is used to guard the residence, drive away diseases and demons, and avoid all evil. That Wangye can get this object, it’s a sign that heaven blesses our Da’an …”

The scribe on the side recorded this remark and put it together with the Tianshan Snow Lotus.

Su Yu blinked, if he were asked to say this, he would definitely say.

“Snow lotus is a good ingredient. Stewed with turtle soup is a very good tonic, and it’s delicious to make pastries too…” However, if he said so, would he be thrown out by the guards?

After looking at the things in the hands of others and at his own straw basket. Su Yu swallowed his saliva. If anything else can be arranged to benefit the country and the people, what should you say about a basket of chilis?

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