Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2306: Love transcending a thousand years (Part 50)

Feng Ling Er trembled as her eyes fell onto Luo Qing Chen standing not far away.

She was firmly standing there with her body and her soul.

Impossible, how was this possible?!

She had used the price of falling into hell forever for a chance to go against destiny, how could it not work?

“Impossible!  I succeeded, I definitely succeeded!”  Feng Ling Er roared out with all her might.

Such a heavy price to cast this curse, how could it fail!

“You’re right, you did succeed.”  Mo Ye’s lips curled into a smile, “But it was only half success.”

Without knowing why, when Mo Ye firmly stood by her side, when that beautiful cold voice entered her ears, she didn’t feel safe at all.  Instead, she strangely started to panic a bit.

Mo Ye was also dressed in wedding clothes and stood in front of her a bit to the right out of habit.

She pursed her lips and wanted to reach out to touch his arm, but he quickly took it back.


“Qing Chen.”  Mo Ye cut her off and looked at her from the corner of his eyes, “I am a person that can’t keep his promises, I’m not worthy of being with you……”

When he said his final word, his voice became a bit choked up.

Luo Qing Chen could clearly tell that he was doing his best to control his emotions, forcing himself to speak to her in his calmest voice.

Feng Ling Er looked up at him with horror as she said, “Could it be……Could it be you……”

Seeing her red face instantly turning pale, Mo Ye gave a cold laugh, “You’re right, I am the same as you.”

Same as you……Same as you……Same as you……

When those three words came out of Mo Ye’s mouth, Luo Qing Chen felt that her world was about to collapse.

She wasn’t a fool.  If Mo Ye’s previous actions made her feel a bit strange, she could guess the answer to her doubts from the conversation between him and Feng Ling Er tonight.

They were the same.  Feng Ling Er was a ghost that revived by ‘possessing a corpse’, then Mo Ye……

It wasn’t that nothing happened in the crematorium ten days ago.

The curse of a vengeful spirit wasn’t that easy to escape from, it was all because of Mo Ye.

As a fortune teller, he could connect yin and yang, so naturally he could predict his own death.

Mo Ye had died in the crematorium.

But no one knew about it.  Feng Ling Er thought that her curse had perfectly succeeded and she had become a beautiful woman.  She borrowed a corpse to possess and waited for her opportunity ten days later.

It would be the day of her success when that time came.

But she never thought that in order to let Luo Qing Chen live and not be affected by the curse.

Mo Ye wouldn’t hesitate to use an extreme method to block Feng Ling Er’s curse.

“Mo Ye, ah Mo Ye, is she really worth your sacrifice?”  Feng Ling Er gave a crazy smile as tears of blood came down.

Perhaps even Mo Ye didn’t know that she had really loved him.

It was because of this love that she hated Luo Qing Chen, hating that she could receive Mo Ye’s love.

She had planned to switch souls with Luo Qing Chen and then live by his side as Luo Qing Chen.

But she never thought that this ending would break her heart like this.

He didn’t even care about his own life for Luo Qing Chen……

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