Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2314: Love transcending a thousand years (Part 58)

Mi Sha’s voice wasn’t loud, but it was like a basin of cold water that fell on her head that froze her heart.

She even stood there for two seconds, not coming back to her senses.

“Ai, what are you standing in a daze for!  Quickly follow me!”  Seeing that Luo Qing Chen stopped, the soldier impatiently roared out at her.

Mi Sha pulled her sleeve and said, “Don’t be in a daze.  The palace isn’t better than the outside, you can lose your head at any moment!”

Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows.  Her body continued forward, but her mind was completely scattered.

She suddenly was a bit confused.  Since the system said that this was a parallel world of a thousand years ago, the ‘previous host’ shouldn’t have existed.

Mo Ye was still the same Mo Ye, but the woman that he cared about most that Mi Sha mentioned shouldn’t be the previous host.

Traveling back and forth between three worlds, even Luo Qing Chen felt that her brain wasn’t enough.

With the increase in the difficulty of the task, she didn’t know what kind of situation she would encounter next.

But at least in this world, she really no longer needed to experience any changes.

She was already very tired……

From a thousand years ago to a thousand years later and then back to a thousand years ago.  This love tribulation was already something that no one could understand……

The soldier brought them to the herb storage room where they were received by a white bearded old man and a very charming aunt.

Other than her and Mi Sha, there were ten doctors brought into the palace.  All of them were talented people that were recruited with the imperial edict all over.

The old man seemed to be an imperial doctor and the woman seemed to be the one in charge of this place.

“Since you’ve all gathered, I’ll give you the bad news first.”  Aunt Qin looked at them and said, “Everyone here has been recruited with the edict, but this edict isn’t something that can be answered so easily.  If you can cure concubine Ying’s illness, then you will be promoted, never having to worry about food or clothing.  But if you can’t……you might not leave this place alive!”

When aunt Qin said all this, Luo Qing Chen only focused on two words, concubine Ying.

These two words kept echoing in her mind all afternoon……

In this world……he was married?

“Stop being in a daze!”  Mi Sha knitted her brows and looked at her with a serious look, “This place really isn’t a joke.  There’s no turning back now, no matter what, you have to pass this test.”

Luo Qing Chen took a deep breath before coming back to her senses.

That white bearded old man was called Gu Jin, who was the most prestigious imperial doctor.

He was famous and skilled in medicine.

The questions that he gave ranged from simple common sense to complicated medicinal properties.  It was a good thing that this wasn’t that hard for Luo Qing Chen.

Mi Sha was also very good.  There were times when Luo Qing Chen hadn’t chosen the antidote yet when Mi Sha had already finished writing.

Other than the two of them who passed, there was a young master named Xu Nuo who also passed.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t notice Xu Nuo at first, but she noticed him when he finished answering all the questions.

A youth with clear eyes, he was similar to Murong Nan from a thousand year later.

“The three of you can stay, the other seven will go to back to get ten boards each before leaving!”  Aunt Qin gave a yawn and said, “Imperial doctor Gu, the emperor really is desperate.  These people recruited from the edict are simply heaven and earth compared to the imperial doctors.”

“Ai, we already passed the test, how can you say that we’re heaven and earth compared to the imperial doctors?”  Mi Sha pursed her lips in an unhappy manner.

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