Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2327: Love transcending a thousand years (Part 71)

“Big brother……I……”

“Ke, ke.”  Seeing that Xu Nuo still wanted to argue, Luo Qing Chen cut him off by saying with a smile, “That, our situation doesn’t seem suited to be discussing this, right?”

After all, the three of them had just escaped from the execution grounds.

Although she never thought that she would die, this was her first time seeing Mo Ye since coming to this world.

She was actually very nervous.  It was a kind of nervousness that made her scalp tingle.

The black clouds pressed down layer by layer that made people strangely depressed looking at it.

This place was a bit weird, it can’t be that Mo Ye wouldn’t appear, right!

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help slightly knitting her brows.  This place really was too weird……

“Un!”  Xu Yan raised his right hand and stopped Mi Sha who was about to come forward.  His deep eyes looked at the entrance to the Supreme Hall and he softly said, “I’ve heard that the emperor of the Mo Country can contact spirits, he’s very skilled when it comes to the matters of yin and yang……”

“You’re very correct!”  Lin Jiao who had been silent for a long time looked up with a smile, “Our Mo Country’s emperor is different from you normal people!  If you annoy the wrath of the heavens, even ten Xu Dynasties aren’t enough.”

Although Lin Jiao’s words sounded arrogant, Xu Yan knitted his brows even more.

This Mo Ye had been eccentric after taking the throne.  He didn’t go to war, but he also didn’t build good relations with neighbouring countries.

Some of the smaller countries thought that he was weak, so they tried to attack him.

They never thought that they would die on the way before even reaching Moonlight City.

How did they die and why did they die?

No one knew just how he killed them.

It might be a coincidence if it was once or twice, but people would start to hesitate if it kept happening.

Mo Ye had become a mysterious person among the royals of the surrounding countries.  The way he did things was resolute and vicious and no matter what, there would be no room to retreat!

Actually, although Lin Jiao’s words were arrogant, they weren’t wrong.

“Then see if he chooses to kill you or kill…..my face!”  She narrowed her eyes with a coldness that could freeze people.

A few seconds later, the doors of the Supreme Hall opened.

There was a youth wearing a dragon robe that slowly walked out.  His deep eyes had a faint sparkle in them as they had been on Luo Qing Chen the entire time, not shifting even once.

“Your majesty……Your majesty, save Qiao Qiao!”  When she saw Mo Ye, Lin Jiao’s tears kept coming out, falling one by one.  Her eyes were red and her voice was filled with grievances.

Mo Ye’s eyes were indifferent as he took a white umbrella from a eunuch on the side before walking in Luo Qing Chen’s direction alone.

Each step he took made it so that she could see his face more clearly.

Seven years, a full seven years!  Using every method to travel the distance between a thousand years!

When Luo Qing Chen looked at him like this, her nose stuffed up and her tears almost came out.

Mo Ye slightly knitted his brows and started moving faster.

Finally, when he was right beside Luo Qing Chen, Xu Nuo who had been standing behind her suddenly came forward to firmly stand in front of her.

Mo Ye’s eyes were cold as he looked at him and he released a chill from his body, “Move.”

Lin Jiao, who had been standing on the side, was clearly very excited.  This was simply like the perfect scene from her dream.

A hero saving the beauty, what a beautiful scene!

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