Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2329: Side story: The following years were all peaceful (Part 1)

In the seventh year of Mo Ye’s reign, Mo Ye had finally gotten his empress.

She wore a phoenix crown, a red wedding dress, and had a long ribbon dragging behind her, all giving off a playful tone.

Everyone was filled with joy and only Xu Nuo drank alone.

She looked in Xu Nuo’s direction and a sparkle appeared in her eyes.

She kept feeling something familiar from him, half sunny and half gloomy.

“It seems like that kid started plotting against you from a thousand years ago.”  Mo Ye calmly looked in Xu Nuo’s direction as a sparkle appeared in his deep eyes.

Luo Qing Chen was surprised before turning to look at that handsome face, “What does that mean?  Do you know Xu Nuo?”

“If my astrolabe is correct……”  Mo Ye gently took her by the waist with his right hand and pulled her into his embrace.  He looked up with the look of a sovereign and said, “His name in a thousand years should be Murong Nan!”

“Wh……What?”  Luo Qing Chen’s eyes trembled in surprise.  When she was planning on looking in Xu Nuo’s direction, Mo Ye held her face.

She awkwardly looked away with a blush on her cheeks.

Mo Ye very gently kissed her which had a bit of a chill and an indescribable feeling.

Even no, when she was firmly standing at his side as his empress, he was still afraid.

Afraid of loss, afraid that fate would suddenly change……

After all, they didn’t come from this world.  After all, they had all experienced death before.

As a fortune teller, he knew what the consequences of going against fate was.

He would repay all the suffering in the next life.  Just let him go in this life.


After the ceremony, Mo Ye started sorting out everything.

The ones known as the ‘strongest relatives’ fell into an abyss in a single night.

Some people said that the Lin Family collapsed because of concubine Ying’s death and some people said…..now that the emperor had a new love, it was very normal for the old love to fall.

Luo Qing Chen never cared about these rumours, but Mo Ye cared.

Not only did he condemn the ones that loved spreading rumours, he even condemned those that spoke badly about the empress.

Some people said that it was just a new love.  When a younger and more beautiful girl appeared, she would be abandoned like concubine Ying.

But no one knew that his ‘sole love’ concubine Ying was just waiting for her.

How difficult it was to find a person that came from a thousand years……

No one understood how hard it was, only he understood.

But for Mo Ye, he didn’t need anyone to understand……


In the eighth year of Mo Ye’s reign, Ye Ran was sentenced to death for selling drugs.  Mi Sha begged for forgiveness for him and his life was spared.

Luo Qing Chen still remembered that night with the heavy snow when Ye Ran kneeled on the ground asking Mi Sha for forgiveness.

It was unknown if it was gratitude, the fact that no one had supported him, or if it was……love?

As an outsider, she couldn’t see the truth.

She just knew that in that snowy weather, Mi Sha was only wearing a thin lace dress and Ye Ran wouldn’t let her go.

It was at this time that Xu Yan with a jacket and an umbrella slowly headed towards Mi Sha.

She turned to look at Xu Yan and her eyes turned red as she threw herself into his embrace.

The love that she chased was so sad and the feeling of being loved was this good.

Mi Sha married into the distant Xu Family later.  It was said that the sixth prince only favoured one person and other than his princess, he never took any other concubines.

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