Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2330: Side story: The following years were all peaceful (Part 2)

As for the emperor of the Xu Country, Xu Nuo.

He had three thousand beauties in his harem, but he never favoured one person.  But each seventh of the eighth month of the lunar calendar, he never found anyone to sleep with.

That was the day that he couldn’t get the person he wanted.

Xu Nuo promised that after returning, he would never go to the Mo Dynasty again.

Until the fifteenth year of Mo Ye’s reign, when he went to the small Faint Dream City within the Xu Country’s borders did he meet them again.

A girl in a pink and white dress holding the hand of the handsome man beside her.

Although the man was dressed in black, it was hard to hide the aura that he released.

The woman was looking over some hair accessories and the man gently rolled up her hair, skillfully tying it into a beautiful bow.

She revealed a faint smile.  It looked like she didn’t like it, but she didn’t untie it.

The delicate snowflakes fell in front of his eyes, mesmerizing his eyes, mesmerizing his heart.

Actually, he never went to the Mo Country to see the person that he could never forget about.

He thought that he didn’t like her that much.  He could still have fun with other women and he could give his body to many people.

But in the quiet of the night, he would think of that day.  When she was wearing that white dress and charging into the crowd with her sword.

She didn’t seem to have any fear as her clear as water eyes had a faint sparkle in them.  She raised the sword in her hand and without dealing any fatal wounds, she didn’t give her opponents any chance to breathe.

Perhaps it was at that moment that he who was never willing to take the throne couldn’t help wanting royal power.

But he never thought that she was the same as Mi Sha, entering the palace for one person.

Mi Sha did it for Ye Ran and she did it for Mo Ye……

They seemed to already know each other and one look would make everyone else disappear.

He knew at that moment that he couldn’t have that girl with the sword in hand.


In the seventeenth year of Mo Ye’s reign, after they returned to the palace from traveling the world, they heard that there was a certain woman in the cold palace who had disappeared.

It was a cold palace that no one cared about and they would hear desolate singing that would make people feel goosebumps.

No one knew who that person was or why they were locked up there, they just knew that someone brought her some rice and a pot of wine each day.

After Luo Qing Chen learned of this matter, she went to cold palace alone.

The cobweb filled courtyard had a stench to it.  Even in broad daylight, it felt chilly.

She knitted her brows and wanted to open the door, but Mo Ye stopped her.

“Our little empress isn’t suited to enter a place like this.”  His voice was very soft, being as gentle as always.

Luo Qing Chen felt her heart tremble as she knitted her brows to look at him, “You……Did you……”

Why, why did her heart tremble for a strange reason?

The scenes of the past flashed in front of her eyes, from their first meeting to passing through a thousand years.

“So promise me……”  He came forward and took her in his embrace, “Each whatever you like and I’ll go with you wherever you want to go.  You don’t need to worry about people who bully you or even about power……”

“Mo Ye, you know everything, right?”  She bit her lip as her voice trembled, “What happened in this place……”

“I don’t know!”  Mo Ye revealed a faint smile as he looked at her with gentle eyes and said, “It’s just that our little empress looks good in her empress robes.”

“Mo Ye……”

“Let’s go back, it’s time for dinner.”


With an evening breeze, he took her hand and walked to the palace where the peach blossoms fell.

She suddenly wanted to drink some peach blossom wine!

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