Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2331: Side story: First sight for the rest of my life (Part 1)

I’m willing to become the mist and rain to be by your side, watching over your peaceful life and never having to worry about a thing.  ——Mo Ye.

I am a fortune teller, a person that can see yin and yang, seeing the past and calculating the future.

No matter what happens when it comes to destiny, it can’t be changed.

To put it simply, there were some things that could be said and some that couldn’t.

I’m one of those where whether it could be said or not, I wouldn’t say anything!

To me, everyone had their own destiny.  Since it was destiny and had already been engraved in the astrolabe, it couldn’t be easily changed.

If it was changed, even if you were safe in this life, you would pay a painful price in the next life.

Not worth it, not worth it……

I thought that no one would be able to change my mind, but then I realized how ridiculous that was.

You Ran’s tragic death made me decide to seek justice for him.

But to kill a person was changing your destiny, so the best way was to not let this person know who killed them even after they died.

I used the condition of calculating when the Luo Dynasty’s princess would wake up to have an opportunity to enter the palace as a winemaker.

But life was unpredictable.  Even as a fortune teller, there were many things that I couldn’t calculate.

For example……I never would have believed it in the past, but I believed in the future that I would die to protect my love.

I never thought that I would have anything to do with the princess of the Luo Dynasty.  I thought that I would leave the palace and return to the sect after Feng Ling Er died.

After all, the death of my senior brother had made Master Abyss very sad.

But I never noticed that I was a bit unwilling to leave……

It wasn’t love at first sight and it wasn’t love that developed over a long time.  She was like a beam of sunlight that entered my world in a dazzling manner.

Even if I was a bit cold, it couldn’t dampen her enthusiasm.

So when I went to the Splendid Moon Hall later, I would remember her.  I was afraid that she would misunderstand, but she still misunderstood in the end.

Her body wasn’t that good in the beginning since it was definitely weak after sleeping for fourteen years.

But without knowing why, she liked running around in the snow and liked drinking wine……

If it was about love, it should be when she directly asked: Do you like Feng Ling Er?

Actually, I wanted to tell her: I don’t like her!

How could I like Feng Ling Er!  I wanted to kill her, kill her in a painful manner to take revenge for my senior brother!

But she didn’t know and I couldn’t tell her……

She fainted twice and I carried her back.  I liked having her lean on me feeling assured, along with the faint scent that entered my mouth which would remove the impurities from my body.

But I never would have thought that she would go to the Splendid Moon Hall.。

Feng Ling Er was her aunt, but I could always tell that the way she looked at her wasn’t respectful, but rather filled with hostility.

She didn’t like Feng Ling Er and I could see that from her eyes.

Without knowing why, after learning this, there was a strange sense of peace in my mind.

The guilt of killing her relative became much smaller.

But that girl really made one worry.  She actually wanted to drink the poisoned wine that I was giving Feng Ling Er!

How could I let her drink poisoned wine?  Even if the poison was weak and it didn’t matter if she drank it once or twice.

It was still poison.  I wasn’t willing to let her drink it, not even a single sip……

When I took the wine cup from her, I could see her aggrieved look and I felt a sense of suffocation.

She said that I wasn’t willing, but I……was speechless.

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