Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2332: Side story: First sight for the rest of my life (Part 2)

I saw her leave angrily and I wanted to chase after her at that moment.

But I knew that I couldn’t!

After working so hard, I could kill Feng Ling Er without anyone noticing after just a bit longer, so I couldn’t give up halfway.

That was the promise that I made to my senior brother.

But that excellent little girl, even if I didn’t chase her, that didn’t mean that others wouldn’t.

When I saw Murong Nan, other than being unhappy, I was more afraid!

Afraid that she would like him because of his warmth, afraid that she would like him because of his enthusiasm, afraid that she……

Suddenly wouldn’t like me anymore!

That moment that we met in the imperial gardens, when I saw Murong Nan standing there protecting her, I suddenly realized that I was caught up in more emotions than I had thought.

Actually, I also hoped that one day I could stand at her side protecting her without worrying about anything.

It was a good thing that her royal father loved her very much.  When the two sides quarreled, the emperor stood on her side without any hesitation.

Without another word, he sent Feng Ling Er to the cold palace.

Actually, I was happy because she was a step closer to death in the cold palace.

That night, I brewed a pot of peach blossom wine and sat under the empty tree beside her.

I’ve never been to this place before, I felt it was strangely familiar.

She asked me: Now that Feng Ling Er was like this, would I still go see her?

Actually, I almost blurted out the truth at that moment.

But in the end, I still held back!

Such a simple girl was not suited for learning about these cruel matters.

Whether it was You Ran or Feng Ling Er, I didn’t want her to know.

She was forever suited to being in the castle, never being disturbed by anything.

I wasn’t willing to be the one that disturbed her, so I had her wait ten days for me.

When Feng Ling Er died, I would tell her the truth.

But I was bound to pay a price for brutally killing someone.

Feng Ling Er became a vengeful ghost, that was the price that I never expected.

The fortune teller could see yin and yang and I personally killed Feng Ling Er, so I immediately knew about her becoming a vengeful spirit.

Master told me that matters needed to come full circle.

When I asked what to do, he said that it needed a life.

Actually, I didn’t need to ask to know that he was talking about her life, but I definitely wasn’t willing.

I didn’t keep the promise of ten days.  All kinds of strange things kept happening around her, especially when the yin qi was strong.  These things kept getting more and more frequent.

I was always by her side, calculating her danger, but I couldn’t stop Feng Ling Er.

When I was thinking about what to do, she went to the crematorium.

I knew that she was putting herself in danger to make me show myself.

She really was a stubborn girl who didn’t think about the consequences.

After she fainted that night, I used the techniques of the fortune teller to separate my soul from my body.

In other words, I died that night.

But Feng Ling Er didn’t know and she also didn’t know.

Feng Ling Er thought that she had succeeded, wanting to switch identities on the night of the full moon.

What a joke, it truly was ridiculous.  With me here, how could she even be hurt?  But I wasn’t able to remain at her side.

She really looked good in her wedding dress, with a bit of blush and lipstick.

I thought that the underworld would be my destination, but I wasn’t willing to only see each other in the next life.

Because I couldn’t wait for the next life.

Because I wanted to be with her in this life!

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