Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2333: Side story: First sight for the rest of my life (Part 3)

Master told me that in all the worlds, other than at the end, there were parallel worlds.

Going back a thousand years was my destiny and it would end with my separation from her.

But I wasn’t born to believe in destiny.

Because I was a fortune teller, I could let myself be damned, but I couldn’t live without her.

A thousand years, the only thing I could do was let her come here.

Although the hopes were slim, I still prepared everything.  When I first saw Lin Ying, I felt that there was something different with this girl.

The fate of this soul was that this girl was supposed to die early, but her fate was the same as hers.

I felt that she would condense the soul to let her come.

Actually, waiting was very painful, but I could see fragments in my dreams while waiting.

The fragments were real, like they truly existed.

The understanding empress and the emperor who deeply loved the empress.  There was a misunderstanding between them and although they never said it, one could feel the deep bitterness between the two of them.

Every time the empress poisoned him, she would shed tears.  Every time the emperor drank the poison, he would look at her with a loving look.

The scenes in the dream were very blurry and I couldn’t see the faces, but I felt a strange pain in my heart.

There was one line that I remembered firmly.

It was said by the emperor.

“After I’m gone, you have to take care of yourself.  You should eat what you want and don’t force yourself to eat when you’re full.  Don’t be afraid, I’ve taken care of everything here, including the guards that they worry about the most.”

He still said.

“I’m about to die, I know that.”

I didn’t know what happened between them, but I knew that this dream kept appearing in these seven years.

Repeating again and again, constantly lingering.

I waited for seven years, but I never thought that my divination would be wrong.

I calculated the day Lin Ying would die.

I didn’t care at all how she died, but her big sister cared very much.  I did feel a bit of regret for Lin Ying over this matter, so I never cared about how her big sister acted.

But I never thought that the person Lin Jiao wanted to hurt was her……

When we met again, the sky was covered by the clouds.  She was wearing a white dress with the familiar looking Phoenix Dance Sword in hand.

I felt my brain turn blank as if I was hit by lightning.

My back was stiff and my heart kept shaking.

It was like breathing and then suffocating.

She calmly looked at me with a beautiful glimmer in her eyes.

I kept feeling like we had gone back to our first meeting, standing there in the snow like this.

The breeze blew through her clothes and her hair.

Everything seemed to freeze at that moment, as if there was no one else but me and her.

When I went forward to hug her at that moment, there was steady warmth that entered my heart which confirmed to me that she was back.

No matter what method she used, she was still back.

I wasn’t actually a good person, I’ve done many shameful things for my happiness.

But it didn’t matter.  As long as I could be with her in this life, even falling into hell forever was something that I had no regrets about.

There was one phrase that I wanted to take back.

If there is a next life, please remember me……

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 37/100]

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