Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2335: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 2)

Un!  She wasn’t dizzy at all, just a bit scared!

Luo Qing Chen, who had just received the memories, stated that this really was an uplifting story.

Or it could be said that this was a world that she had never experienced before, an apocalypse.

Apocalypse!  Apocalypse!  Apocalypse!

The scenes in her memories were very bloody.  From first grade zombies to ninth grade zombies, from D Rank Power Users to S Rank Power Users.

Each scene was so fresh in her memories.

But the excitement was just excitement.  The previous host’s life wasn’t as good as she imagined.  Whether it was in the end of the world or in the previous world, the previous host’s life was as a clown that depended on others.

But after the world ended, she became one of the first group of Power Users to awaken.

And she was an awakener with dual powers!

In the memories of the previous host, until the moment that she died, there were only three dual awakeners in the end of the world and she was one of them.

Moreover, she was the only female one!

But that was later.  The first part was the experience of the previous host.

She was a very poor child with no hidden identity, she was just poor.

But she excelled in studies and character, so she entered the Royal Academy with a high scholarship each year.

The previous host’s father died early, her mother supported their family alone, and her little brother was blind.

He was a clean looking youth that had everything that a young man should have.

If he closed his eyes and the breeze blew past, he could dazzle thousands of girls.

It was a pity that he was blind.

The previous host’s mother worked as a temporary worker at a rich family to support their family.  However, when the rich man was drunk, he forced himself on her mother.

This perfectly made it that she became pregnant.

Since the rich man only had a single daughter, he really wanted a son.

It was worth mentioning that the daughter was the supporting female lead Bai Lian Xin.

Although the previous host’s mother’s status was low, for this child, for their house’s inheritance, the elders decided to keep the previous host’s mother as the Bai Family’s second concubine.

Of course, it was only second concubine in name and she had a lower status than even the servants of the Bai Family.

After all, Bai Da Shan had a proper first wife, Ye Qing Huan.

Bai Lian Xin was Bai Da Shan and Ye Qing Huan’s daughter.

She was a princess that was pampered by the family, naturally becoming spoiled.  She was the darling of the family, the Snow White of fairy tales.

Oh, no, it was more accurate to call her the evil queen.

Because she really wasn’t a good person!

The previous host’s mother suffered mostly from this eighteen year old girl when she was in the Bai Family.

There were times that words were more painful than actual physical harm.

Bai Lian Xin was this kind of person, every word that she said was so sharp.

But for the child that hadn’t been born yet, the previous host’s mother could only endure.

When the Bai Family’s child was born, the previous host’s mother thought that all the torture was over.

But she never thought that the hour after the child was born, the previous host’s mother was kicked out of the hospital.

At the same time, she was kicked out of the Bai Family!

The previous host accepted all this humiliation since there was nothing she could do in this society.

The younger brother from the same mother and a different father that she never met was adopted by Ye Qing Huan the next day and became Bai Da Shan’s son.

For the Bai Family, the previous host’s mother was nothing more than a surrogate.


It was just a job!

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