Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2336: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 3)

After the matter was over, Bai Da Shan gave the previous host’s mother a hundred thousand yuan as payment for giving birth.

And he wanted her to take this hundred thousand to leave A City forever.

The previous host’s mother didn’t want to, she said that she could have nothing to do with the Bai Family, but she couldn’t leave A City.

After all, she had her daughter and son.  One had been admitted to the Royal Academy by her own talent and the other had been admitted to the International Conservatory of Music with his talent in music.

No matter what, she couldn’t leave this city and not take responsibility for her two children.

Bai Da Shan was afraid that the previous host’s mother would cause trouble, so he kept sending people to mess up the place they were renting.

Until they moved to a suburb ten kilometers outside of A City, Bai Da Shan finally let them off.

But that didn’t mean that the previous host had a peaceful life!

Since she and Bai Lian Xin were in the same school, she would always be targeted.  Her homework went missing and her shoes were hidden, but these were small things.

The bigger thing was that Bai Lian Shan sent people to bully the previous host’s little brother, Luo Qian Mian.

The previous host’s little brother was a gentle and introverted person.  In order to not worry his big sister, he never said a word about being bullied!

But even so, the previous host never felt any hatred.

Society was like this, having money meant that you could do what you want.  Life was like this, no one could blame anyone.

But…..her kindness couldn’t be exchanged for the gratitude of the Bai Family.

Rather……there was a bone chilling coldness.

On December 31st, 2150.

This celebratory New Years became everyone’s nightmare.

There was a dark red rain that fell from the sky, condensing into lumps that didn’t disappear for a long time.

This rain fell all night and only stopped when dawn came.

But the sky that should have lit up was no longer bright.

Those that had been drenched by the red rain all night had fevers and no matter what kind of medicine they were given, it wouldn’t go away.

At first, the health and medical department stated that this persistent fever was caused by a viral infection.  After all, the world in 2250 was an industrialized world.

Food and land was already in short supply and industrialized land kept expanding, so the pollution in nature kept increasing.

Although the dark red rain didn’t make people feel worried, the dark sky did make people panic a bit.

But the temperature didn’t drop and there was no hail, so everyone didn’t seem to care as much after a day passed.

Students still went to class and workers still went to work.

They were very excited since being able to go to school at night was a very rare thing.

But……this strangeness only lasted two days.

On the third day, the people in the hospital with the persistent fevers suddenly started to change.

Their bodies stiffened, their eyes turned red, their teeth were exposed, their skin turned thin, their blood vessels popped out, and they became much stronger……

The people with these high fevers changed incomparably quick as their movements became mechanical, as if their brains couldn’t think at all.

Moreover……they longed for blood……

The hospital was where the end of the world happened first.

Those people with high fevers turned into zombies within a few hours.  Whenever they met someone that they knew or didn’t know, they only had a single reaction!

Bite!  Bite!  Bite!

They had no humanity, there was only blood in their eyes.

The appearance of the zombie meant that the world would enter a new chapter and a new realm.

Righteous, evil, good, and bad!  There was righteous and there was evil, there was good and there was bad!

All forces went against each other and no matter how weak the resistance was, there was mutual growth and restraint.

The day after the zombies appeared, the first batch of Power Users had awakened!

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